Stock Market CHEDDAR'ED! Get Your Stock Pics Here

I wouldn’t say that to cheddar. He’s harmless and sometimes funny. I’m talking about Holly posting suicide shit all over this forum. It’s not fucking funny.

Yeah I agree. Not cool. Check your PMs @TKnuckles

Cheddar man, how many cokes do I buy before I’m rich?

Any good snail stonks to look into?

Guys this thread went really dark with talk of suicide and the oilcheck guy’s lame attempt at jokes that make everyone even more uncomfortable than the suicide stuff.

Lets get back on track with Cheddar Financial Stockmarket Domination. Here I’ll give you a sneak peek before next week. The sales volume of kool-aid is directly related to unemployment benefits.


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I’m thinking pond shock is going to be making a big comeback next week, should we invest big Cheddar man?

What’s happening here, is someone actually suicidal? If so that’s not cool to joke about.

I don’t care who ever it is, feel free to PM me… I mainly just waste time and have fun on here but no one should feel that way. I’ll listen.

I think we all are after reading your lame jokes.

I just put my entire life savings into coca cola stocks.

Also borrowed a few bucks and invested in smelling salts because I have a feeling big cheddar is going to be knocking some of you fools out!

Wakem up so I can knockem back out, I love it! Did you invest all in coke stock or also make a significiciaciant diversification into coke product as well? By next week we’ll probably be able to sell our coke for a 25k profit and then invest in kool aid put options.

I thought you had sound stock advice… sounds like you’re just bitter.

Maybe I’ll short some agriculture stocks… I heard some people finally came up with a way to beat the price on produce!

No. Like I said. He randomly post a pic of someone hanging. It’s just fucking weird. He’s a fag that only provided one to this forum other than letting some random fat dude fuck his fat ugly whore of a wife…

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Yeah that’s weird…

I saw a line at the gucci store the other day when I stopped nearby to purchase a large fat free yogurt… with the child stimies hitting soon, I’m thinking about buying some gucci/coach stock. Is that a good play Cheddar man?

Wut? A fat guy banged his wife? Tell me about this?


Man I cant wait to be rich! I’m going to visit Europe so much. It’s my favorite country to visit!


Is he the guy that tried to say his wife is a yoga instructor then she was fat and sloppy in the pics. And he posted pics of some fat guy that was gonna try to dig through those rolls to that smelly mess?

Maybe this is a cry for help LOL


Imagine the three of us in France, hiking in the countryside, maybe enjoying a long skinny baguette in Paris with one of those fancy coffees. And then off to talk about news of the day at a tea house with other learned men!

I cant wait!

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Fromage Financial has a better ring to it. Alliteration is a proven marketing technique to promote brand recognition.

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