Hello! I'm interested in learning more about Stoicism. I've been told to look at Marcus Aurelius, but I was wondering if there were any other useful authors out there. With regards to Aurelius' Meditations, is there a particular translation that is more useful than others? I've noticed multiple translations being sold for that book. Thanks ~ XKV.


I like what stoicism has to say about pity and suffering.

About reason and other ethical matters not so much.

Oh hey, hope you see this even though i'm a bit late to the party...

My first reading in philosophy was The Handbook by Epictetus, which is a stoic work (Epictetus was Aurelius's teacher) and was written with the layperson in mind. Awesome intro philosophy work in general and especially for stoicism in particular.

Does stoicism encourage us to renounce part of what makes us human? To discard our passions, desires and emotional attachments?

2x Seneca.

LukeCranson, who's work are you talking about?

TTTing an old thread just to let interested parties know that Stoic Week 2013 starts today. It's an opportunity to explore Stoicism and its value in the modern world.

I'm taking part. It should be an interesting experiment.

Read about the cynics first, particularly Diogenes of Synope (contemporary of Aristotle roundabout). Stoicism is basically cynicism combined with the humourlessness of platonism.

Diogenes, now that's a character. Phone Post

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Can't believe this thread is still alive! Thanks for all the suggestions.

The Stoics are under-read generally in philosophy. I wish I could have done a course on stoicism alone. There are two 'modern' books that very much embrace the spirit and are eminently easy to read, if I may,

Meditations is one of my favorite writings of all time.

I just read a new book that offers a modern take on Stoicism called "The Obstacle is the Way" by Ryan Holiday. I really enjoyed it.

Stoic Week is coming up soon (17th to 23rd October). It's an experiment in practical philosophy and a great way to be introduced to Stoic ideas. Oh and it's free.

Any updates?

"Ego is the Enemy" is a great follow up to Ryan H's first book on the subject.

I also reccomend Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning"