Stolen At BJJ Tournament Yesterday


My Phone & digital camera (about $1500 worth)was stolen out of my bag at the tourney yesterday when I was competing,

I dont care about the phone but the camera had some vids of my dad before he got very sick. He had a stroke again (2nd stroke, still in hospital) last week and I would do anything to get that footage back of him when he was healthier with my mum.

I will pay a reward to get the camera back.

I can be contacted on 02 9434 5630. No questions asked.

If anone knows someone who is responsible for this could you help me out. It would be much appreciated.

Took the shine off winning the Gold! Put a downer on what should of been a happy occasion.

Thats a really tough break dude .

Hope you are able to recover it the photos.

Thanks Benny, no it was my 3rd tourney Bro!

Got a silver last time,Gold this time.

Congrats as well mate!! Jimmy was one tough competitor!

Another gold to add to ur collection!

ttt for Rumble!

Hope you get the gear back mate, very poor form.



That totally sux dude...I hope you find your camera. and congrats on your win...too..

Thanks guys!

Left my bag for about 3 mins and the stuff was gone. If anyone saw anything suspicious near the stands next to the warm up mats let me know!

they got some balls thats for sure!

"Did you notice that none of the machado guys got their stuff stolen... hmmm "

What are you trying to say, Ben??

Cowards and now theaves whats next bigotry or adultery? Machados are quickly becoming the black sheep of BJJ in Aus. ;)