Stolen Valor Candidate

You say that yet know I am right and concede Blumenthal is going to win despite it being known for years he did the same exact thing. Why is it OK for him and not this guy? Tell me the difference.

Its not but its old news

2018 vs 2022 breaking news

Nobody here said it’s ok. I certainly didn’t. Why hasn’t anyone done anything since 2010? Why don’t you answer that

Because he is a wealthy Democrat and can get away with stolen valor.

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Cunts out there with dicks claiming they are women and competing in their sports, women pretending they are black when they are white, woman marrying a fucking 300 year old pirate ghost…
Not agreeing with it but people are doing this shit all the time.

He also clarified, apologized and owned it.

Now back to the candidate from Ohio

So that makes it OK? If this guy from Ohio does exactly that it makes it OK? Same rules apply, right?

Your Ohio guy doubled down. Big difference. Focus buddy this is about Ohio guy.

lol @ clarified.

He lied about shit for years and got caught. The only difference is he is a weathly Democrat politican so the rules aren’t the same for him.

“Your Ohio guy”

I don’t know whom this person is and only heard of his name from this thread.


yet you lept to his aid via whataboutism

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Yet you can’t stop defending him.

And you can’t stop defending Blumenthal.

They both lose because of this or it isn’t equal. Pretty simple. I’m fine with both of them losing for stolen valor.

I called him a POS. Then posted how he handled his situation. Huge difference from the full blown sloppy bj your giving Ohio guy.

what he did was wrong and he apologised for it, we must forgive him like jesus would


You wouldn’t be a kid diddling liberal without being a hypocrite.

Must be 8D chess