Stomach hurts - what do eat for breakfast

So I eat low carb and last night decided fuck it and ate a giant ass chipotle burrito. I am paying for it now. I know I need to eat but what can I eat that will help my stomach recover? I have a resturaunt/cafeteria at my office that I can get everything from cereal to biscuits and gravy and eggs and bacon and breakfast burritos and shit. What should I eat bros. I'm dying here. 

Bananas are pretty safe.

Also, try oatmeal. Stay away from bacon and milk

Smoke some weed Phone Post 3.0

if you are low carb, eggs and bacon...

i was ketogenic for a while and when i cheated with carbs it gave me terrible gas...when you reduce or eliminate carbs it changes your gut flora so when you reintroduce carbs you dont have the same bacteria to break those foods down

Greezy bacon. Phone Post 3.0

100% Fiber cereal. 2 bowls should do it

chipotle with extra hot sauce and a bottle of vodka

How about a bowl of cement and harden the fuck up!