Stones Flying Under Radar

Detroit has surprised the shit out of me thus far this year and are playing a real slick style of ball.

I'm pretty excited to see them vs the Celts tomorrow. Growing up in the 80's, I have learned to hate the Pistons. It's nice to see the old rivalry is back.

Yeah buddy that is a huge game.

"Why's that? The Pistons of the 80's were an excellent basketball team. With shot-blocking dunkers (Rodman, Salley and Edwards), hall of fame guards (Isiah, Dumars), rebounders (Laimbeer & Rodman), 3 point shooters (Vinnie Johnson, Dumars, Aguirre and Thomas)and with a great coach (Chuck Daly) who, by stressing defense and teamwork led them to back to back championships."

Because I was born and raised in Boston... ;)

Good game last night. I haven't seen passion like that in a while.

Yeah man, that was a great game. Hey, I have been going to Piston games since the 60's. Saw all of the all-time great hall of famers up close in personal in their prime.

Since you mentioned Bill Laimbeer I feel he is one of the greatest defensive rebounders of all time and should get more props for that. He lead the league once in rebounds. He also has the 4th best outlet pass to start a fast break I have ever seen behind Wes Unseld, Jerry Lucas and Bill Walton. All four would realease the ball two handed with tremendous velocity from above their heads almost as soon as they touched the ball.

Those teams Laimbeer played on should have had at one more championship but the ref screwed them by calling that foul on Laimbeer defending Jabbar's sky hook with a few seconds left in game six. Laimbeer didn't touch him. Game 7 Isiah could barely walk