Stop calling Junie Bipolar

Clinical douche

seriously, that guy's rage is sociopathic. it's not like you or i getting angry -- for him, it goes WAAAAAY beyond. i'm surprised he hasn't killed anyone yet for looking at him the wrong way.

he needs to get kicked off the show, put on medication, and start therapy ASAP. otherwise, in time, he will wind up in prison for murdering someone.

Elite Hunting - Douchebag.

That's the actual clinical term for his condition.

 borderline personality disorder 


Maybe being named "Junie" has something to do with his anger.

the guy is a danger to himself and everyone around him. If someone falls and cracks their head on that pool deck because of one of his sucker punches, then what? Manslaughter charge?

and a professional and future champ like bader shouldn't have to be in the same neighborhood as hillbilly swine like junie. He showed great composure and professionalism in not retaliating.

People like throwing around terms like "bipolar" and "schizophrenic" to sound smart but in the end they just mean the guy's got a screw loose.

Junie has problems but no way of knowing what he's struggling with until he sees a professional. Only thing that is obvious is the alcoholism, but that's just him coping with some other underlying issue - half of America is in the same boat.

Take it from someone who wasted four years getting a useless degree in psychology.

 He is MASSIVELY insecure..... and deathly afraid of everyone finding out that he is afraid of everything.

maybe he got molested by his trailer trash uncle or something and thats why hes so scared of everything and everyone.

Cuex - People like throwing around terms like "bipolar" and "schizophrenic" to sound smart but in the end they just mean the guy's got a screw loose.

 No, people use those terms because they know there is a difference. Don't try to make yourself feel better for being ignorant of these conditions.

I'm leaning with the insecure camp. Junie gets drunk and his real emotions are allowed to seep through and results in the frate trane of moran we have seen.

 what shows me he's messed up, is not that drunken night(which actually says a lot) but more the next day or so, when he went crazy after efrain's win

the guy just doesn't learn and let's his emotions guide every single thing he does

I don't know if he is bipolar or not. His hair kinda reminds me of a polar bear's fur though.

ya hes not bipolar , hes a fuckin retard. dana siad so himself

Im Bipolar and can lose my temper quick but damn Junie is just a wack job.

jwloco, Maybe you will feel different about him later.

Whatever he is, he isn't a premier athelete. Bader and most of those guys have it, but that behavior will end up ruining his and someone else's life, plus make someone real sorry for paying him a dime.

Too bad.

jwloco - Junie is not bipolar, Junie is fucking insane.

aren't they the same thing?

still got his blog on though

"Y'all 205's think you can pick on us, cuz y'alls bigger"

What a moran.

I just hope he gets kicked off the show and we never have to hear about him again