Stop it with Idris Elba

Every role in a movie that gets brought up on this forum instantly goes to this guy.

What's with the Elba nuthugging?

He's not good for Batman
Hes not good for James Bond

I'm sure once they start casting Wonder Woman you goofballs will start campaigning for Elba Phone Post

It's the BBC bro...

fob -

It's the BBC bro...

You're probably right Phone Post

the fact that he's on the hype train and Paul Walker is not is a direct insult to Americans, acting, and the OG.

He's the black DDL. Phone Post

Hes a good ass actor. Did you see is Southern accent in prometheus? He naturally speaks with a thick English accent Phone Post

why you hatin on Heimdall bro?

Don't hate on Stringer Bell Phone Post 3.0

Stop it Phone Post

Mothafuckin' Stringer Bell does not approve of this thread...............

He's got a real sexual look that the OG admires. Phone Post 3.0

You're taking notes on fuckin' criminal conspiracy?! Phone Post

Idris rules, someone jelly

OP needs to the Wire and Luther.

My mate got married a couple of months ago and the One Show on BBC1 filmed the first dance for something. Idris was in the One Show studio and chose their first dance song. Phone Post 3.0