Stop saying he lost only cause' he gassed. HE LOST

"best wins of Brocks' career, Mir lol and Carwin only cause Carwin gassed"

I can't stand when people say someone lost only because they gassed. Guess what bright person, that's the most important part of a actually be able to fight. Duh, I say.

I guess it goes back to all the big guys that I've rolled with. The ones that muscle you around and try to smash your head, you wait them out and are able to sweep them, you're on top and suddenly they give up. They have had enough, you win, they say.

If you tap to being "gassed", then you lose in one of the most embarrassing ways possible. You knew you had a fight and didn't care enough to prepare your body for what you KNEW was going to happen.

Carwin will be back for a rematch and then we will see what happens. Until then it's a Lesnar win and everyone should just move the fuck on.

brock lol? he acted like a battered woman when they get hit, they tuck roll and cover up lmfao

what's worse is when they say "he only lost because he got caught" or "it was a lucky punch".

um...thats how the sport works....

It's funny that you need hear the same excuses in more established sports.

"Tom Brady, why did the Pats lose today?"

"Well, my arm got tired. If my arm didn't get tired, we would have won."

"Lebron, how come the Heat lost today?"

"Well, they got lucky on that last 3 pointer. We were winning if it wasn't for that last basket."

I'm sure Carwin prepared for 5 rounds of 5 minutes. But his episode of "gassing out" was a result of something else. The lactic acid buildup he got was in a situation that it is impossible to replicate in a training environment. Phone Post

Ok, rockwell, it all his fights this is the first time that's ever happened? Come on, I don't believe that. You gotta' know that you need super awesome cardio to hang with Brock. He lost the fight due to poor strategy, imo.

I don't want excuse,

I want results!

Brock didn't win because Carwin gassed guys.

He won because Carwin was suddenly afflicted with lactic acidosis.

Brock sucks his own tits!!! Phone Post

 there are times where the more skilled fighter loses due to less cardio. its worth mentioning when it happens

"Doesn't matter if u win by an inch or a mile..... Winning is winning(in my best vinny d impression)"

Mention it all you like ranier, still doesn't change the outcome of the fight.

People say it as if it is a "what if" scenario where if only he hadn't "gassed out". It's just the same as tapping, napping, snapping or getting KTFO. IF you can't fight, you lose. The end.