Stop Using these words for MMA!!!!

People should not say

Sapp will rape LeBanner


Silva will kill Hunt

and things like that.

It sounds totally ignorant and is the wrong choice of words. I'm completely annoyed by comments like that. MMA will not do as well with such words.


______ is unbeatable is a good one.....

We also need to stop with a man calling another man a stud. I know heterosexuality isn't the norm here but cut us some slack.

how about "he totally blew his wad"


"I'm sure he can mount him all day."

"____ better bring his A game"

John Peretti was definitely toward the gay side, where is that guy these days?

"___ will beat the shit out of ___" I think is also overused. I've never seen an MMA match where someone has been beaten so severely they've let go of their bodily functions. However, if someone has a match where this happens, SEND ME A TAPE! I'd like to see it (and not in a sick shit-fetish way, either)

I have seen somebody lose their bodily funtions in the ring, they didn't take a shit but they did piss themselves after they got knocked the fuck out.

saw a guy vomit in a boxing match on spanish TV... dude was taking the beating of a lifetime and just leaned forward and yacked over the guys shoulder

they even showed a replay

LOL @ "they even showed a replay"

Robbie Peden puked BLOOD into his spit bucket live on Showtime in his fight against one of the Marquez brothers (I think it was Rafael).

___________ is a cardio machine!!!!

Remember when my sister saw the UFC i was so excited about ordering. Somebody was in guard forever and she said it looked gay.

I think the one who said "blew his wad" is the most correct.

yeah, blew his wad is fucking stupid. so is the term 69 for north-south.

i had a co-worker over to watch some fights for his first time, and i made the mistake of showing a fight that had a lot of gaurd work, and the announcer saying "blew his wad". you should have heard the guy snicker and me rush to defend our sport.

i cant for the life of me remember which fight that was though.


Dying Breed doesn't it suck to have to defend that, he he.

I think Baroni said "Shot his wad" while commentating.

i m sick of og cliches like "owned", "ass handed to him", "beaten like red headed stepchild"- especially when it was a close fight

im with ya max

but those are usually the newbies.

if they are veteran members, they are just idiots