Stop with the throw in the towel BS.

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dbeedy - The reason I'm getting sick of hearing about all this throw in the towel nonsense is because its literally in the rules that you are not allowed to throw the towel in. Phone Post 3.0

The unified rules mentions nothing about throwing in a towel or any object for that matter. You talking bollocks. Phone Post

Yes, they do:

However, specifically in Texas, where 166 took place, literally throwing in the towel is a foul, but the corner can surrender their fighter by signalling the ref at any time:
61.43. Responsibilities of Seconds. (Amended effective December 1, 2003, 28 TexReg 10445; amended effective February 1, 2006, 31 TexReg 481; amended effective December 1, 2007, 32 TexReg 8470)

(a) Each contestant must have two seconds unless the Department permits otherwise. Each contestant shall have one chief second.

(b) The seconds shall dress neatly.

(c) Seconds shall keep their corners clean, dry, and free from objects.

(d) Seconds may surrender for their contestants by standing on the apron and signaling to the referee.

(e) A second may not:

(1) excessively coach a contestant during a round and shall remain silent when instructed to do so by a Department representative or the referee;

(2) throw excessive amounts of water on his contestant;

(3) toss a towel or any other object into the ring in token surrender of his contestant;

(4) use any unapproved substance during the contest.
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Winston Wolf - if u cant find cornermen u can fully trust u shouldnt fight

Absolutely correct.

Not sure how I feel about this. There have been so many great, epic comebacks that seem to suggest a fight isn't over till it's OVER.

I was surprised to read about Sonnen go off on that recently, because if anyone should understand that you're never out of the fight no matter how badly you are getting beaten.. it should be Chael after that first Silva fight.

Al Cappucino - Any of you questioning the reasoning of throwing in the towel need to remember just one name.....

Apollo Creed.

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I always think of Corrales/Mayweather when it comes to stopping a fight. Diego was being completely outclassed and beaten up in that fight, he was dropped five times. After the fifth knockdown his corner stopped the fight which Diego, who was a warrior, was incensed with. His corner was absolutely correct in stopping the fight, he had no shot of winning and he was taking a beating, despite Diego thinking otherwise. That's why a good corner will do the right thing and save a fighter from himself.

8flat - Follow the money. Cornerman throws in the towel, his fighter might axe him, other fighters may not trust him, etc. Because lets face it, guys with a lot of heart are one big punch away from the greatest comeback of the year.....especially a heavy hitter like JDS.

While this is true, the opposite can also be true. 

JDS taps, or quits on the stool or verbally submits and that has a set of implications for his career and marketability....

His corner stops the fight, amidst his protests...while still a loss by TKO he gets the opportunity to maintain that he wanted to continue.  

That is part of the reason that cornermen stop give their fighter some sense of plausible deniability in a loss.