#StopAsianHate shoots black child!

Video, which you can see above but may be hard to watch, show the kids playing on Candlewood Lane. Then you hear the gunshot and Coby realizes he was hit.

Coby yells out in pain and an older child yells to call the police.

Daniel said Coby doesn’t entirely understand that he was nearly killed.

“Right now, he’s not even processing what happened. He doesn’t realize how close he came to not being here…but I realize it,” he said.

The judge gave him a $10,000 cash bond, which he made on Tuesday and was picked up by a family member.


All these hashtags are just anti white and it’s the left trying to get every race to hate white people.

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Hi Nytron/Easy.

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Hate begets hate

Lol, congrats, you found a racist crime involving Asians NOT perpetrated by blacks against Asians. Well done.


He made it. He finally made it.

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(OP is the girl)

Leftist movements lead to violence??

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OP finally found his “Bigfoot”, congrats

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He learned Asian supremacy from observing honkies.

Fucker had to look hard as hell and wait for awhile.

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So this guy is like the .01%. Interesting.

And how is he out on bail after attempted murder of a child?

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Good question.

Maybe ask it on the abortion thread.