Stopped taking zoloft 3 days ago

Now I'm a moody bitch. Anyone know how long it takes to get out of your system or how to speed up the process. Phone Post

Did you consult your doctor about this? Phone Post 3.0

Ha ha what do they know. I got you guys for that Phone Post

enjoy your 5150

Here's what I want you to do:
Take your normal dose, cut it in half.
Now Double it.

Ha ha Phone Post

Maybe you should ween off, or better yet talk to your doctor.

Try drinking lots of water with lemons and exercise. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I've been exercising a lot not drinking just got over the flu and forgot to take it so I figured I would keep the ball rolling. Looked it up it won't kill me to stop so ill see what happens Phone Post

Ween yourself off gradually. Skip it every third day for two weeks. The skip it every other day for two week. Then take it once very third day for two weeks. Etc Phone Post 3.0

Any withdrawal symptoms? Brain zaps?

Thank you for advice
No side effects other than really irritable aT night Phone Post

I take it and have quit cold turkey so take my advice.... You can not stop cold turkey!!!! You can't!!! It's bad. Ween yourself off man Phone Post 3.0

Probably best to talk with your doc and wean yourself off slowly.

I figure I went 29 years without it I can see real with a week or so of withdrawal. ill take advice and take half a one every few days for a week or so Phone Post

Deal with a week Phone Post

My ex was on that for a long time. Cold turkey = no good. Have a medical professional guide you through it, not the OG.

Why'd you stop btw? Phone Post 3.0

Just sick of taking it Phone Post

Common effect of antidepressants that i don't see discussed alot is that often when they work for somebody but maybe they aren't that magic bullet that doesn't exist the person taking them forgets just how bad they were when not on them so they stop taking them. Phone Post 3.0

You need to taper off psych meds man.    Not wise to just stop taking them abruptly.

I'd discuss this with whoever prescribed it to you.