stopping runny nose during workout

One of the things that bothers me when I workout is that when I have a mouthpiece in and need to breathe out of my nose while rolling or sparring my nose always runs. Its a real pain in the ass because I wind up having to blow it every break. Its not like im sick or anything, my nose just starts running in the middle of competition.

My question is do any of you guys have this same issue and is ther anything that I can do to help this issue to allow me to train more effectively.


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thanks guys, knew that was coming. any useful advice?

Use a nasal decongestant spray before training?

use snorkal like Wandy......

jsut take icy/hot and put it on ure hand and take a deep smell of it and it will clear out your nose. or put a bit on your top lip thatll burn tho. or use the spray but that shit wears away your nasal cavity

i get the same thing, i usually can't breate well til about 45 minutes into training and it's much worse for me when the seasons are right now it's not bad but about march or so i'm gonna wanna shoot myself, oh and by the way nothing truly works, nasal spray helps a little although it'll make your nose run right away so do it about 10-15 minutes before u start

Wipe your nose on your opponents Gi

When in opponents guard, sneeze in his eye.


this shit ALWAYS happens to me...pisses me off too cuz im thinkin about not blowin snot all over my partner while my partners thinkin theres his neck, lights out!

i have this problem too. when you sweat hard, you end up breathing sweat up into your nose. this kind of acts like a nasal spray and makes your nose run like flojo.

i use a two-fold approach that works pretty well. I always keep a bunch of paper towels with my gear. between rounds i blow my nose and wipe with paper towels or i run to the trash can near by and snot-rocket into it.

I bring an extra t shirt to blow my nose into.


when I'm running? right into the shirt I'm wearing.

awful, innit?

Don't blow your nose during training.

just put a little Vicks VapoRub under your nose before you start

Snot rockets are a great sub defense

"thanks guys, knew that was coming. any useful advice?"

yes..with the medicines they have now catching THE AIDS no longer means a certain death sentence.