Storage Salaries annual survey

Salaries for STroage, according to Storage MAgazine's annual survey. n = 289.

Avg Salary (2006): $80,892

% that have more than 6 years storage experience: 25%

% that have more than 10 years IT expt: 70%

% that manage budgets > 1mill : 28%

% that manage between 10-99 TB: 41%

% that manage > 100 TB: 33%

Salary by education:

HS: $85,875

Jr. college: $75,143

College grade: $80,659

Grad schoo: $86,825

Salary by certs:

0: $80,695

1: $83,363

2: $77,148

3: $79,722

4: $79,600

5+: $90,267

MCSD/MCAD here. I make a ton. :-)

LOL! In looking at that survey its the guys who went to HS, got out and jumped into IT, got years of experience under their belt, got that one cert that is required to get past HR and kept working at their specialty. They're making the 83-85k.

Meanwhile the guys who went to community college or got a BS then got out and collected certs get paid 80k.

Sure the guys who went to grad school and then went cert crazy make 86k-90, but they had to pay off big school loans and study like crazy!

guys with college tend to talk, write and communicate better.


hey that's my field. except I'm an inside sales mgr instead of a techie!

Yea storage!

The industry does pay pretty well from what I've seen so far.