Stories about Godzilla from IFC!

Oh man Gabe!

I just got off the phone with my buddy that was on the IFC video team! JEEZ! If half of the story is true, you are indeed my favorite fighter now!

Here's my Godzilla at IFC teaser
-kicks ass at fight
-shows up to club with his mask
-thrown out of club
-beats up bouncers!
-Mysteriously has a "seizure" before as he's about to be arrested!


I like the part about the bouncer,but I do not like the part about the seizure.

Set Gabe free!!!


I know Gabe is back around!

Damnit answer us!


Ceasars taste ok but the celery salt makes my mouth dry.

LMFAO!!! I cant talk about it!! LMFAO!

Godzilla -

Shoot me an e-mail :)




Heres the story.

I went to the night club and I went out to get something from my room. I had the mask that I wore for my fight in the room and decided to wear it into the club. I entered the club and one of the bouncers asked me to leave. I asked him "why?", and he explained that I needed to take the mask off, to which I took the mask off. The bouncer again tells me I have to leave and this time says"You have an attitude problem, so you have to go" I asked him if he could get a manager because I didnt do anything but walk into the club with a mask on. Again he tells me to leave, but this time another security guy walks up and says "LOOK, YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES, YOU CAN LEAVE ON YOUR OWN,OR I CAN BEAT YOUR ASS AND ILL THROW YOU OUT!". I looked at him, looked at the other guy and started to laugh.


Both bouncers grab my shoulders, and BLAST!!! I hit the security guard closest to me in the face, I grab the other guy and throw him to the ground. Three more security guards run up and grab me pulling me to the ground. One gets pulled right into a triangle, which I let go, another is kicked on his ass as he is grabbing my legs, finally one of my training partners grabbed me and started telling me to calm down, and I complied.

I was immediatley hand cuffed and escorted to a security office and put in a chair. The security manager called the police and told me I was going to jail. Let me expalin something, I DONT GO TO JAIL, I just dont, so...........


nothing wrong with jail you pussy

I faked a siezure. Falling off the chair, I started twitching as hard and fast as my drunk body could. The Security manager grabs a phone and called EMS. The police arrive first and want to take me to jail, but cant because I must be attended to medically(Aint I clever? LOL). EMS arrives and takes me to the hospital. The attending DR asks if Im okay and I explain that my head hurts and my lower back,but over all Im okay. He asks if I want a CT and I declined. The hospital front desk staff called me a cab and within 2 hours I was at Altitude partying. END OF STORY

You rock bro.

lol holy shit man

BTW, that is all true. Im pretty sure Randy Spence is on the board and can confirm my story.

Max, I had one of my friends tell me that your buddy was there, but I never got introduced.

The police didn`t follow you to the hospital?

Not that Im aware of. A police truck did pull up as I took off in the cab, but I dont know if it was there for me or for someone else.

Awesome story! I heard about it on the ride to the airport.

Congratulations on the impressive win.

whaledog, It was a pleasure to meet you. We have to hang out at the next show, but I wont drink.

Thanks for the info,I have never thought about doing shit like that,but when I hear that it works,I just might need to try it in the future if I ever get in some kind of trouble.

BTW, that is all true. Im pretty sure Randy Spence is on the board and can confirm my story. Max, I had one of my friends tell me that your buddy was there, but I never got introduced.


lol@ you saying you didn't see me at the afterparty!! I got tired READING about that adventure! I was sleeping by the time all that happened. Hmmmm, I seem to remember interviewing a fighter and asking him about barfights.......hmmm. jk.