stories from Brazil

I always wondered why BJJ has a bad rep in Brazil.
heres a story of what happened back in the early 90s.

Young kids 15-18 who were learning BJJ used to choke out all sort of maids and employees at the rich neighborhoods, hiding behind trees while they were simply passing by.


I´m from Rio and never heard about anything like that.

I´m from Rio and never heard about anything like that.

i heard it happened at Barra, with kids from gracie barra. From a very reliable brazilian source.

mindfighter2: Do you really believe in this kind of bullshit?

Yes i do cause my source used to be friends with those young punks.

I'm from Oklahoma and I've never heard of this before. It can't be true.

that kind of stuff happens all around the world. It might not be a text book double leg takedown , followed by side mount , to full mount to choke. But kids attack people everywhere.

ttt to those young punks.

how do you think rickson got to be 400-0?

ducks water bottle


thats true

Well, I´m not saying that it never happened.

I´m saying that I´ve never heard about that story, and that it is probably not the reason that BJJ has a bad reputation here.

The reason for the bad reputation is mainly because of the assholes that fight at the night clubs.

best thread ever

LMAO @ this story


I wanted to hear stories about the 'Hobe' at centauros...

The only good stories that come from Brazil involve prostitutes, barbeques, or Wallid. That is all.

Don't forget stories involving buying drugs in the favelas on that list Bill.

So Wallid shows up at this barbecue with a date. Turns out she's a hooker, so anyway... nevermind, you wouldn't wanna know.

i do wonder if the average streetfight there is ful of bjj moves

from what ive been told, with the exception of Rio, BJJ is more popular in america than Brazil