Stories where TMA beats MMA?

OK we have all read numerous threads where 3 months of BJJ taps TMA blackbelts right to left BUT there are alot of TMA fighter with serious skills. Let me hear some of those stories now for a change...

To start if off, I have been dominated standing by a karate guy (really quick feet/hands) and tapped like 100 times by a traditional JJ blackbelt that trains a our school.

My old boss took kempo for about 10 years and boxed his whole life. Never wrestled or grappled, training-wise, anyways.

One time we were messing around, and I shot low for a double. He caught me in a guillotine, went with the momentum, rolled and flipped, and kept it on from a half mount. Very Taktarov/Macias-like.

I managed to tap him 4 times after that, but very humbling and embarrasing, nonetheless.

That's why I started doing takedowns from the clinch most of the time.....

without naming names

there was this badass dude from the Chicago suburbs. he was a good wrestler, good submission guy. this is just after the UFC's started so he figured he was the shit and nothing could stop jiu jitsu. he would go into TMA schools and challenge the instructors. if they didnt fight he'd call them pussies, chicken, etc.

one day he went into a kung fu school. the instructor was older, like mid-50's, early 60's. this kid comes in talking shit. of course the old man won't fight him but this kid keeps harassing him. finally the old man wears down and says okay.

the kid gets into a wrestling stance, and the kung fu guy kind of drops to the ground and kicks the kid in the kneecap. it got dislocated something fierce and heended up on crutches for a long time.

turns out the kung fu guy was friends with the kids instructor. the instructor didn't know the kid was doing this shit. made him apologize to the kkung fu guy and alot more people. as well.

i didn;t think that happened here.

If I'm betting money, I'll take the MMA guy over the TMA guy every time.

But as I've also stated, an open mind is the best thing to have. You never know what you might learn. For competition, or for self-defense.

I've also stated the opinion that the value of a student is reflected by the quality of the instructor. Just because the student is full of shit doesn't mean the art itself is.

This thread is like the ones on Kung fu forums or TKD, Karate...

Except the other way.

Who cares?

Melton Bowen lost at UFC. Does that mean boxing sucks?

A TMA can fight in the street bt not at UFC, who cares?

Or if they all suck, who cares?

agreed, darknight. The disrespect goes both ways. People on here trash TMA, people in yahoo chat trash mma. There are positives and negatives in both. Can a TMA or straight boxer/kickboxer beat up a MMA'er in the street? Sure, I've seen more boxers kick the shit out of "tough" grapplers in bar fights. Would those boxers get schooled in the cage? Yup, probably. There are benefits of all arts in different situations.

I actually saw this happen a couple months ago at show in Taunton, MA.

A TMA guy (Pat Shultz) beat his opponent down with some vicious karate kicks.

I'm sure the fact that he was a superior athlete had something to do with it. However, he did apply his style to MMA quite well.

It seems that people who post the TMA vs MMA are trying to justify why they are taking TMA or MMA.

It goes on with TKD vs Kung Fu, Kenpo vs Sum Hung Guy.....

Some one wants to justify why he is doing some thing.

I grabbed these from another thread

Well it wasnt exactly a MMA fighter, was a wrestler against a TKD champion and marine.The kid when he gets into a wrestling stance was KO by a roundhouse kick with shoes.

My cousin tell me the story and was a short street fight by a beautifull girl.

On the TMA side, Traditional Wing Chun's William Cheung and Wing Tsun's Emin Boztepe had a challenge fight many years ago. In the video clip that was available, they ended up looking like two untrained street fighters displaying relatively little technique. Due to this many people stated that TMA is non-effective under real life conditions.

On the MMA side, Tito Ortiz and Lee Murray had their street altercation not too long ago. By many accounts not much of what can be considered good technique was displayed there. Also, just like in the previously mentioned TMA fight, the person with the most experience, and the favorite to win on paper, got the worst of the exchange.

I am not sure what are the conclusions that can be drawn from these two isolated incidents. The accounts of both are very murky and some accounts contradict one another. However it is something interesting to think about in my opinion.

TTT for some more stories. Leave your ego at the door.