Storm Samurai SP: pictures

From Tatame Magazine website:

Good technical level at Storm SP

Good fights and a show coming from the audience, who by the way, filled up the Baby Barione gymnasium at the first edition of Storm Samurai in São Paulo held yesterday (15). During the confront between ex-rivals Godói Jiu-Jitsu Club and Macaco Gold Team, a draw. One of the bouts that drove the audience nut was the match between vet Francisco Souza (33 years old) and the 18 years old Pezão. In the end, Francisco experience counted and he won by TKO.

The main fight of the card, between Marco Rodrigues and Tadeu San Martino, also was one of the most technical fights, with both athletes showing a sharpened Muay Thai. The referee decision for Rodrigues, surprised the audience and the other athletes. During the fight, San Martino were superior than his opponent and he deserved the victory. Even with the controversy, Storm Samurai organization got really pleased with this first edition outside Curitiba (PR). 'The technical level was high and the audience was awesome,' stated Rafael Cordeiro, one of the promoters.

Check out the complete results:

Jiu Jitsu - Sergio Ferreira (Godoy/BTT) submitted Ricardo Rato (MGT) via armlock;

Submission - Daniel Roth (MGT) defeated Charles Duende (Godoy/BTT) by 5x0

Thai - Henrique Rocha (Nei Aguilar) defeated Oriovaldo Filho (CBKB) by KO (punches) at 1:20 in round 1;

Thai - Luciano Boinha (Chute Boxe) defeated Edmilson Pereira (Werdini) by referee's decision (2x1);

Thai - Francisco Souza (Gibi) defeated Danilo da Costa (Serginho) by TKO (kick) in round 5;

MMA - Jorge Brito (Gracie Tijuca) submitted Alex Cobra (Naja) via rear naked choke at 4:30 in round 1;

Thai - Daniel Caporossi (André G. Team) defeated Flávio Álvaro (MGT) by KO at 0:12 in round 1;

Thai - José Carlos Zinho (Alpha Fitness) defeated Rodrigo Lima (Fabio Duarte) by referee stoppage (low-kick) at 2:50 in round 1;

MMA - Thiago Cruz (Godoy / BTT) defeated João Werdini (SP) by unanimous decision;

Thai - Marco Rodrigues (SP) defeated Tadeu San Martino (Nei Aguilar) by referee's decision (2x1).


Must have been a fun night, fights then an evening out in Sao Paulo!!!Oh I'd love Brazilian bar-b-que at the Jardineira Grill in SP!!!!

By the way, today Curitiba will be helding another Storm Samurai edition.

Peace and''um grande abraço''