Storm Troopers vs Cylons

Which army would win ?

Cylons are pretty vicious from what I've seen. Storm Troopers would probably get torn up..

Mandalorians on the other hand...

I'd tend to agree with the Illustrated Man. your command....

If we're talking original cylons, it would be a stalemate. No one would hit anything.

What about the clone storm troopers from the first few movies?

You mean real Cylons or the pieces of shit they have on TV now?

By Cylons, do you mean Cylons as Glen A. Larson originally conceived them (reptilian aliens in armor), as they were in the original show (slow, clumsy robots in armor) or the way they are in the new show (fast, viscious robotic killing machines or sexy, attractive, horny sometimes killing machines).

^^ so many Cylons, so little time..... ^^