Stormi Maya

She’s got some nice nudz though

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She is fucking gorgeous but also bat shit crazy


It is very troubling to find out that she is very very racist and knowing this really has made me lose all interest in her now after finding this out.

There is so much pussy to look at out there anyways. ALL pussy is or (can be) hot, NOT just one race or ethnicity but don't start peddling racist stuff in a sleazy way (for others or with compensation) using your sex appeal. This takes sleazy and whore to a new level

She doesn't even live in the USA either but lives in Canada and talks so much shit about the United Stated from Canada. Hope more people wake the fuck up about her and her racist bullshit

Going thru her recent public comments, she is pushing a racist anti law enforcement and Defund the Police agenda all while exploiting white men especially thru her Only Fans page but then you see she is supported by individuals like these

telling voters how to vote or whom to vote for is sleazy

The thoughts, conduct, ideologies, excuses, constant victimizing, lack of accountability and political fantasies the left have are completely insane and guaranteeing four more years of Trump.

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I have no problems if she doesn't date non-blacks. I have non-black friends who say they will never ever date a black person. Nothing wrong with that.

Me... I like pussy. Color don't matter!

They hate white people but will do everything possible to look white...

i am withholding judgement on the BLM issue, until i hear what sara jean underwood has to say.

Damn those nips. 

So a typical plastic queen with fake tits, fake lips and fake ass, plus a self hating racist. 


wow just saw Sara Jean Underwood

She's just as terrible as Stormi Maya with her pandering attention whoring. "Terrible" has no race, color or ethnicity!

Proper butterface.


Not sure why you would openly state that if you actually care about equility though. Seems like some have either completely missed the BLM message or love the divide.

She can Stormi Maya dick anytime 

Her hair looks like a clown wig lol




The Finest Of The Breed -

He should have asked what her white father thinks about that. 

The Finest Of The Breed -

Lmao "I dated people that would end up spewing racist shit"

Goes on to spew racist shit

That said, wood make sweet jungle fever love to

Erik Apple -

They hate white people but will do everything possible to look white...

This. Thank god she has a "white face."  All she got was the disgusting black fro hair out the black side. A net positive for her.

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Just saw 300 nudes and not one pussy shot. She must have disgusting beef lips.  She clearly hates that poart of herself too.  All black and brown and beefy, bet.