Story Arc for TUF3

If this show is constructed as entertainment there will be storytelling
conventions applied to the structure of the series. An arc where the nice
guy becomes the bad guy and the reverse.

That means Ken starts as the know nothing, dangerous to himself and his
team A-hole, and evolves into the perfect self-less motivator of his men.

Whereas Tito is required to get impatient with the process, rankle the
guys on his team, and turn into the guy everybody is ready to kill.

Tito can definitely pull it off. Ken might have more problems with the hero
job but careful editing and re-takes should make it do-able

Ken's team will win more fights (mostly cause he got control of picking them) but for me it's too early to pick eventual winners.

As a brit I'm rooting for bisping though

Exactly what I was thinking MrWind. I also have the feeling that it's all gonna start changing with every coming week. No different than most movies we see, where we think we know what's gonna happen, then "surprise" things are different in the end.

I think it is much simpler than that.

UFC wants to reinstate Tito as a new posterboy, as a matured and nicer yet still emotional person. A potential champ whom the same will love who once hated. That's one thing.

Another thing that UFC wants is to FINALLY get rid of Ken who demands larger amounts of cash than UFC is willing to pay. By showing him on TUF as aged and ignorant and so "yesterday" with the training methods the UFC is preparing to get rid of Ken Shamrock once and for all...

Ken will prove useful eventually, but will show why changing with the times is important. I don't see Ken getting in a sauna with a team member or advising on how to cut weight, etc.

"Another thing that UFC wants is to FINALLY get rid of Ken who demands larger amounts of cash than UFC is willing to pay."

Are you high?

No not quite...

Face it - Ken is damaged goods. Yes, he ist still popular BUT the show is perfect to reduce his popularity and imply that he should retire. That combined with the recent AND coming up losses and voila.

illuminated - You need to put SPOILER above those kinds of posts.

Good points on both sides.  I hope that Ken continues to be the heel as I can't stand him and he makes me laugh my ass off with all of his talk about respect and temper tantrums.