Storytime: Thanos Imperative

 Sitting here in Panera waiting for the club to open, and since Sundays tend to be slow I shall use this time to post the entire Thanos Imperative miniseries. I figure there are some of you who missed it, and it was a good read. Enjoy, GG...

















 There you go, guys... enjoy. I'm off to work.

i loved Galactus leading the defense but they should of made him do something badass before end.

also in a way he was getting bitched towards the end.

im really interested in what theyve got in mind for Blackbolt, Vulcan, Nova, and Star-Lord.

those 4 made me like the Galactic stuff more than the Earth bound storylines.

 Why is Death pissed at Thanos? Did he forget their anniversary or something?