Storytime: Thanos Imperative

Thanks for this Charles!

On another note basically this series was the Marvel Universe versus Cthulhu's extended relatives?

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CharlesLewis -  Why is Death pissed at Thanos? Did he forget their anniversary or something?

He is the admirer who gives too much attention, fawns all over her, too easy for Lady Death. I mean, this guy literally gives her the death of the whole universe on several occasions.

She likes the ones who treat her like dirt and fights against her (Surfer, Marvell, etc)

Doesn't she have a thing for Deadpool? Maybe she likes a guy who can make her laugh?

Lol, good point

Zenoplata - That was a pretty bad ass task force with Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, Silver Surfer, Ronan etc.

If those were suppose to be the unkillable versions of the Avengers they were pretty weak. Hulk got owned by a talking dog, lol.


Big thanks, Charles...

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great story is great.

 Whoa, came on here to look for the old Thanos storyline and much to my plesent surprise....Is this new whole story line posted somewhere?

 Charles deleted it to make space in his PB account before he got a new one.

Great story though. one of my favorites in the last few years.

there's something that bugged me from the inhumans, if BlackBolt couldn't talk why he and medusa didn't learn the signal language like mute people?

I want starlord back !!

 Am I missing something ? All i'm reading here were pages about Osborn's new avengers....which I read a few weeks ago....Nothing about Thanos...


The pages were all messed up because of photobucket shuffling to make room for new comics, this thread is like a year old and was one of the first comics to be posted here. Not sure why it was ttt'd.

At least I THINK that's correct lol

 Yeah, I was actually hoping a mod could nuke this thread to avoid confusion, if possible.