Stout vs Goulet - wow!

what a war! that kid stout is something else... he looked good in defending from the guard and as usual dropped some devasting bombs! goulet is one tough, tough guy. although i think that the fight should have been stopped maybe a minute earlier as it ended up being target practice for stout. maybe goulet's corner should have thrown in the towel (i know, tough to call) as it was obvious that he was going to be visciously KO'd. Props to both warriors.

maybe ouimet vs stout for the belt?

It's no wonder Stout got the ok from his K-1 tryout. The guy is sick murder.

I saw him working out one day and thought to myself, "Yeah, if I was to face him I'd probably want to be inside a car going 50."

Here's the kick that ended the fight...

Dave walking away waving his arm saying he was done...

Dave being helped to the corner

Shawn telling Sam that a sexy looking JHR is in the audience..

You know, I have to say, Sam Stout is not only talented but he's a good guy as well.

I have come out a few times to Tompkins and Sam has always greeted me with a smile when I get to the mat and always worked with everyone no matter what their skill level is, including me.

I've had the chance to watch him do his personal workouts as well and the guy is intense and focused. Shawn must love having a guy with this much drive in his stable.

Sam will be going to K-1 soon and it's not hard to see why when you look as his skills. Plus he's improving all the time!

I really can't say enough about this guy except that you better keep an eye on him. He's an exciting fighter.

Is'nt it a K-1 try out Sam did ? Did he do both ? And is there going to be a K1-Max America ?

Gah! K-1! Sorry! K-1!


8675309 that would be a killer fight for sure

no disrespect to kajon but I think sammy would beat him easily.

how about stout vs dube

dube scooled kajon, sammy/dube would be much better fight. is dube still injured?

This fight was a jaw dropper! Unbelievable! Everyone in attendance was in a frenzy. Probably my new favorite fight ever watching LIVE.

To say this fight was a "war" doesn't even do it justice. Both guys were a bloody mess. Stout was spitting out blood in between rounds. Goulet took such a beating in round 2! He was KOed standing after a kick to the head that made the crowd go "ooooooooooooooooooh!". Stout went in for the kill and Goulet just turned his back and collapsed into his corner. What a crazy finish!

This was definitely the most exciting fight of the night. Perhaps one of the best TKO has ever had. But, IMO fighter of the night goes to Jonathan Goulet. His development as a fighter has been nothing less then extraordinary. He'll be in the UFC very soon for sure.

goulet definately deserves to get his shot.


Lets get JHR a new camera.....

The focusing on the ropes is a bitch...

I do have a ton of great pics though on the HD...

I'm dying to see this fight.

Everyone I know that was at TKO said it was incredible. If anyone has a copy of the tape or if TKO can provide a PPV date, please let me know.

At 155, it appears we have another guy wreacking havoc.

This fight was definately the fight of the night. Stout looked so comfortable in the ring and showed great maturity. He is definatley going places.


This kid will be TKO champion,

8675309 - with all due repect, i don't know anyone who thought the Dube/Johnson fight was even or close to even before the spinning back kick. I saw the fight from the front row and Johnson was getting hit and quite honestly he looked quite intimidated. No doubt he's fun to watch but not that night. More than happy to hear other opinions. Cheers