Stout vs Hollanda at next TKO

Just found out this matchup is going to happen at the next TKO.3 title fights at this show should be awesome.If Hollanda can get this fight to the ground it will definetly go his way but Stout has great hands and could knock him out at any time.

I'm going with Fabio on this one.




MONTREAL, QUEBEC (CANADA), January 2nd 2007 - TKO Major League MMA is delighted to give their loyal fans an astonishing New Year?s present with the announcement of a third Championship fight to the already stacked, TKO 28: INEVITABLE card! TKO World Lightweight Champion, SAM ?HANDS OF STONE? STOUT (10-2-1) returns to defend his title against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, FABIO ?THE MASTERMIND? HOLANDA (4-4-0). This fight has been anticipated for many years by knowledgeable Canadian MMA fans who appreciate how intriguing and exciting this match-up is! If there was any doubt about this being the best card in Canadian history, there?s certainly none now!

Holanda has a black belt in jiu-jitsu and he was Georges St-Pierre?s grappling instructor for many years. One should be careful not to judge him by his .500 record. All of his losses came to top notch UFC veterans. He?s only lost once since dropping to 155 lbs. Holanda looked tremendously impressive in his last TKO appearance stopping the undefeated Alvin Robinson via ground and pound, late in round two. Holanda knows he can grapple with the best in the world at 155 lbs and he plans to utilize those skills to capture the TKO World Championship!

Stout is also coming off a remarkable performance as he exacted his revenge by submitting the submission artist, Jay Estrada. Stout is undoubtedly one of the most exciting Lightweight fighters in the world. His ruthless aggression and punishing strikes have made him a TKO favorite; He?s also been in some of the most memorable battles in the company?s history such as his fights against Dave Goulet, Donald Ouimet and Tyler Jackson. Stout is very young and hungry and he?s determined not to let anything or anyone come between him and his title!

This is a battle between TKO?s best Lightweight striker versus TKO?s best Lightweight grappler! If Holanda can take Stout down, he?ll try to end the fight quickly as he did against Canadian Lightweight standouts, Kultar Gill and Blake Fredrickson. On their feet, Stout?s striking is in a different class and he is also known for being a cardio machine and will likely posses the edge the longer this five round fight lasts.

Although the rule of thumb is that the superior grappler normally defeats the striker, Stout?s recent victory by armbar proves that he can?t be considered a one dimensional fighter. Still, Holanda?s ground game is on another planet compared to most! This fascinating championship fight is set to rock the Bell Centre!

TKO would also like to announce one fight card change as Tyler Jackson has withdrawn from his scheduled fight against STEPHANE DUBE (3-1-0). JAMES MARTINEZ (4-7-0) will step in to get his well deserved rematch! Their last fight was one of the most anticipated fights of the night for TKO 27, however it came to an abrupt end after Martinez? vision was obstructed after receiving a toe in the eye from Dube?s kick. Dube was awarded the victory by TKO, but he promised to give Martinez another chance. Now, these two outstanding strikers will step back in the ring in what promises to be one of the most exciting fights of the New Year!

As always, stay tuned to www.TKOMMA.TV for all the latest news and interviews for this spectacular event set for February 9th, 2007! Tickets are available by calling 1-800-361-4595 or 514-790-1245. Tickets will also be available at the Admission?s Ticket Offices at the Bell Centre! Check out for the latest updates on this incredible 12 fight action packed MMA card!



JONATHAN GOULET (Victoriaville, Canada, 16-5-0) vs. STEVE VIGNEAULT (?les de la Madeleine, Canada, 11-6-0)


MARK HOMINICK (London, Canada, 12-5-0) vs. HATSU HIOKI (Nagoya, Japan, 11-1-1)


FABIO HOLANDA (Natal, Brazil, 4-4-0) vs. SAM STOUT (London, Canada, 10-2-1)


LUKE CAUDILLO (Denver, Colorado, 10-6-0) vs. SAMUEL GUILLET (Montreal, Canada, 4-3-0)

JAMES MARTINEZ (Honolulu, USA, 4-7-0) vs. STEPHANE DUBE (St-Constant, Canada, 3-1-0)

DAVID MEDD (Port Colborne, Canada, 2-1-0) vs. CHRIS CLEMENTS (London, Canada, 3-1-0)

JASON ST-LOUIS (Vernon, Canada, 9-5-0) vs. STEVE CLAVEAU (Victoriaville, Canada, 4-6-0)

MARTIN GRANDMONT (Drummondville, Canada, 3-3-0) vs. DAVE PARISEAU (Victoriaville, Canada, 5-2-1)


DANIEL BOISSONEAULT (Victoriaville, Canada, 1-0-0) vs. YVES LEMELIN (Drummondville, Canada, 0-1-0)

DAVID FRASER (Riviere-du-Loup, Canada, 0-1-0) vs. BOB LANDRY (St-Jean, Canada, 0-0-0)

JOSEPH PAQUET (Toronto, Canada, 0-0-0) vs. JEAN-FRAN?OIS BEDARD (Drummondville, Canada, 0-0-0)

SEBASTIEN GAUTHIER (Chicoutimi, Canada, 1-0-0) vs. STEPHANE PINET (Quebec, Canada, 0-1-0)

wow. Huge test, respect to Stout for stepping up and taking on as tough a match as there is for him. Holanda definitely deserves this opporunity.

Awesome card!

Stout and Holanda are both such talented fighters and stand-up individuals. This is going to be one hell of a good fight!

I'm looking forward to the Hominick/Hioki rematch too.

I am dissapointed to see that TBA will not be fighting on this card. TKO without TBA?? Come on!


I really wish this card wasn't a week before OUAs. I'd be there in an instant (give or take 7 hours).


3-0 for TT

Props to TKO for putting on a top notch card.

The Wood would you like to have a 3 month screen name bet on this fight?

im thinking so, well make a bet come closer to the show. i believe in my buddies and teamates 100% and am very confident in this fight but i also have very bad luck in gambling and dont wanna my jinx on sammy!!!

but we will talk about it for sure!!!

Wow !!

I think this fight comes down much more to what happens before the fight than what happens during the fight.

If Fabio can control his weight leading up to the fight in such a way as to not have to cut off a leg when he weighs in, he should have enough gas to wear Stout down and put him away 8 times out of 10. Conversely, if Fabio finds himself having to cut 15+ pounds the day before weigh-ins, he's going to have a hard time maintaining pressure on Stout, and Stout will be able to keep him off long enough to damage Fabio standing.

Aside from the weight factor, Fabio needs to watch out for Stout's hands, as he can finish a fight at any time. The more missed takedowns Stout stuffs, the more tired Fabio will be. The more tired Fabio gets, the sloppier his takedowns will become, thus opening up opportunities for Stout to tag him at will.

On the other hand, if Fabio can hit his first couple of takedowns, Stout is going to become a lot more conservative in his striking in order to avoid the takedown, which will only help Fabio.

Excellent matchup, which I give to a fit Fabio 8 out of 10 and to a last-minute-panic-weight-cutting Fabio 3 out of 10.

So, basically, no more Arahova for Fabio, please!



JASON ST-LOUIS (Vernon, Canada, 9-5-0) vs. STEVE CLAVEAU (Victoriaville, Canada, 4-6-0)??????????????????????????????

155 lbs.

I never imagined St.Louis could make 155, wow.
He's gonna be some ripped.

Oddly enough, I need to get in touch with Hollanda. Does anyone have a contact number or e-mail address for him?


St. Louis is going to be big for 155.

canadajoe set out a nice analysis, IMO.

Agreed with Joe on this. If Fabio controls his weight well he should have a really good chance at it.
Thats certainly one fight Im looking forward to.


ST.LOUIS Made 155 for a Muay Thai fight Nov 18 in vancouver so dont be shocked.