Stout vs Jabouin

Picture is up on ... Guess that is who Stout's opponent is. Should be a good fight.

Interesting bout, I've heard Stout is good.


excellent... I am going with Stout on this one. The kid hits Fucking hard

This should be a good fight.

I am looking for a standup war.

Go Sammy !!!


Sam 'Hands of Stone' Stout

I think that about says it all...........

He needs a nickname like Lorenzo "The Naked Gazelle" Giancola



Stout by vicious right hand for the KO.

Sounds like a great fight!

I've heard great things about Stout, but don't write Jabouin off yet
because many haven't seen him in a while. He's on a roll and has
faced tough competition in the past and has lots of experience.
Fred Poirier is a good striker also and Jabouin kO'd him.

Whoever wins, I'm sure it's gonna be one hell of a fight.

Great to see another UGC fighter back in TKO.

With the proper game plan, Stout has a chance. But after what I saw with Jabouin vs Hamzeh, I'm gonna err on the side of experience for this one. Jabouin should be able to pull it off.

Mind you, I've heard a tonne of stuff about Stout. Yes he hits like a truck so he has a puncher's chance. I just feel Jabouin's experience may be a little too much for Stout.

Either way, it's a great fight.

scott@aristea is correct.

Stout is an unknown for the most part in this match, which is at his advantage for sure. I hear he hits hard, so obviously an exchange war is not what Jabouin wants to get into... how hard does stout hit? Well that's subjective on whom he's hitting, as with anyone, but why stick around to find out... Jabouins keys to victory are movement, making this an MMA bout, not necessarily a kickboxing match, smothering and swarming. (Then again, Stout could be way different than any of this).

Stouts keys to victory are keeping the shorter Jabouin on the end of his strikes, forcing Jabouin to eat strikes on the way in, or forcing him to lunge in out of position.

It'll be a good fight I'm sure.


Stout is not "unknown" out here... i agree that his key to victory will be his striking. i've only seen him fight live once and when I say he hits hard... boy oh boy!

mmafan... unknown meaning that since he hasnt fought too many mma bouts, there isnt much footage or info on him.


Compared to Jabouin, Stout is unknown.

Whether unknown or not, fightnight is what's gonna matter. Whomever is on and is placing the punishment will take it.


I know one thing. Cardio will NOT be a factor for Stout...


coming from Team Tompkins, I'd have to agree with jhr.


JHR has just run miles miles up hill with the correct

A punchers chance? Stout has alot more tools than his hands. To say he has a punchers chance is not giving

him much credit. Stout will surprise many.