Stout vs Stephens or Garcia vs Zombie

I have heard people say that the Zombie vs Garcia may be the FOTY or even FOTD.

Personally, I didn't think it was that great of a fight. Both guys are fucking warriors and fought there asses off but the level of skill or technical boxing was quite low.

Most punches were wild haymakers coming from the hips.

I would much prefer to watch a fight like Stout vs Stephens, that fight was awesome. Stephens with his crazy power shots and Stout with his sharp, crisp combos.


Exactly, it is fights like Garcia vs Zombie that boxing purists watch and say "see, looks like two guys scrapping down at the pub"

This is very true. I was not a big fan of the Zombie/Garcia fight because of how sloppy it looked. I liked a technical matchup of striking and grappling (if applicable). Stout/Stephens was just that..and I appreciated it a lot more than the supposed "Fight of the Decade".lol