Straight Blast & Major MMA Fights

When are we gonna see some Straight Blasters represent
and fight in the major mma events such as UFC & Pride?

JKD needs to be represented in Major MMA events.
Everybody claims BJJ, freestyle or Muay Thai or something of the like. I haven't seen any JKD challengers since the early UFC days. And back then I think there were only a couple of guys who claimed
they had JKD background.

What about Matt Thornton? When or is he ever gonna compete in a MMA event. I think he could win a event
with his JKD skills. How much does Matt weigh? I would really like to see him represent SBG in a MMA event.

rory singer has fought in pride, forest griffen has fought in KOTC

there alot of fighters that train at SBG locations that fight and then go to new updates and you will find a competition team update


I heard about Rory Singer fighting in Pride. I want to see SBG in the mainstream. Or at least represented
in one of the bigger events. You know how other fighters represent the Teams/Gyms they fight for? I just haven't seen or heard SBG mentioned on the major/bigger MMA shows.

Is the Pride that Rory fought in on video?

I didn't know Forest Griffin represented SBG????

I would like to see a SBG'r in a major MMA show and have a bunch of SBGers follow him to the ring. I have seen a few post from people asking who Matt Thornton is? I thought everybody knew who Matt is? SBG & JKD
need to be represented to show the skills of this particular style. In my opinion anyway.

Sharp has some guys starting to fight in bigger things also. Forrest just recently fought in Brazil and beat Chael Sonnon form Quest. In Jan he is fighting Marvin Eastman. Rory is looking at fighting in KOTC early next year. SBGs also have a good record in grappling tourneys, one of Lus guys just one a great match. However with all that being said we are not an NHb organisation. We do not recruit college wrestlers to train for NHB, we do not only take future fighters. We train all people.
"Alivenss is for everyBODY." So we are lucky it 1% of our guys even want to fight. We also get an endless supply of fighters from other gyms wanting out help. So that says something. And last year 2 of our instructors made a big impression on the Millitich camp.


Adam pretty much summed it up and I will just add...

1.) Any guy entering an MMA event is just that, an MMA athlete regardless of his gym. They train and fight for the specific arena of MMA be they based originally in BJJ / wrestling or Muay Thai / Boxing. Everyone trains everything. The differences that exist are in their coaching, training partners, individual attributes and fight strategy. The guys that do MMA from the SBGi are just that, guys from the SBGi fighting NHB. Their is no JKD. It's all JKD. It is and is not JKD. What is JKD again?

2.) Like Adam also said, the SBGi is not an MMA gym nor is a stable of MMA fighters. It is what it is...the SBGi. Every SBGi has guys that compete in all sorts of martial sport but that's only ever about 5% or less.

We (SBGi Florida) personally have two amateur Thai Fighters, an adult and kids team of grapplers (submission grappling, BJJ and Judo), and one pro boxer. They all do very well and have achieved top recognition for what they do but that is a byproduct of our training not the reason for it.

They all train for self-defense and whole fitness as does everyone else and do so at an SBGi because the enjoy it and believe in its training methods and governing philosophy. Most of its coaches and instructors also have families and work full time jobs as well as run their gyms so fighting in an MMA event does not even cross their minds. Its not what they do or care to do.

3.) When you state that a representation is needed or some type of recognition is do realize that you are implying several things that have no direct relation to what it is we are or do right?


Good post Luis.


PS: PAW needs to be on DVD:)

Excellent post Luis.

Aliveness is for everyBODY!

I enjoy the fact that you can walk into any SBGi and get awesome quality coaching along with a solid group of training partners that are all dedicated to improving their performance together as a group.
the kicker is that its that same quality & training integrity that produces amateur and professional champs, nothing is held back and its always there for those who are willing to grow from it ... and most importantly, have fun with it.

Luis - my cpu's been acting kinda funny. have you been getting my emails (regarding info for the website?)


If you want Straight Blast to "represent in major MMA fights" so badly, why don't you start training at a Straight Blast affiliated gym and try to get in one of those major events?

Hey SBGi Denmark is fighting in Europe's biggest Vale Tudo event next weekend ;-)

Rosi Sexton, or Doc as we like to call her is the British Ladies Cagewarriors Vale Tudo Champion, SBG and looking for a fight stateside.

125 LBS

any takers email

Good Post. It was just a simple question. I'm not trying to start controversy. I was just wondering why the SBGi and their style of fighting was not heard about more often. If your not into Sport grappling, Jiu Jitsu, then you don't know about SBG.

I heard about it by trying to find a MMA gym. This is the gym I was told to go to. I believe Matt Thornton and his style is excellent for any style of competition. I strongly believe in SBG.

"There is no JKD, It's all JKD" - exactly.

I know all about "Aliveness"............I just haven't seen an actual SBG'r use it in live competition.

I didn't know Forrest Griffin was SGB. Now that I know he beat Chael Sonnen from Quest..........I am going to watch him alot more. Right on.

Keep Tappin' Foolz Out Straight Blasters !!!!!