Straight Blast Stinger Sets DVD

The Straight Blast Stinger Sets DVD was a popular DVD. A few years back I stopped selling it because it wasn't up to current production standards. Material is good tho. I like it and still use it with everyone. Deals with going from zero or what I used to call "condition white" (being unprepared for an assault) to a full blown counter assault.

This is part 1

Parts 2 and 3 coming tomorrow.


Link to vid...

 Thanks, D. (embedded)


you should have listened to Vunak a little more. The cornerstone of JKD is Self Perfection. You can always tell when someone neglects SP. You can not fake attributes and athletic ability.

that looked like a Saturday Night Live skit. That old guy is cool.


Thanks for the comment. These clips were filmed about 10 years ago. I like them though.

A few things...

First, I don't believe in self perfection. IMO it's not real. But that's just me, I'M NOT THE KNOWER OF ALL THE THINGS...

Second, I only trained with Vunak 5 or 6 times in my life. When me and my brother would go together we always said "Were not interested in anything other than street fighting" (we actually used to say STREET FIGHTING).

So were all on our own paths doing our own things. Quite often I learn each week how uninformed or unenlightened I was the week prior.

Thanks for checking the clip out and commenting.

Vunak and Demi Barbito are two JKD-ex-JKD guys whm I find interseting. So this is a good thread in my opinion.

I think it's too hrsh to say the clip above looks like a skit. I like the fact that Demi was teaching to strike from an unready position as this is often the case in real life.

I think that the habit Vunak has of always treating every fight as a match fight, is a weak point of his approach. As we know, or should do by now, most real fights, assualt(call them what you will) are preceeded with dialogue of some sort. There is always a context. Therefore, training has to take this into account.

British ex-doorman Geoff Thompson has built a system fonded on this, and I believe he was spot on with his methodology.

I do agree that "self perfectin" or simply building of attributes is also paramount, and is a part of the "self preservation" or "streetfighting" approach.

Without trying to pick on Demi, I would agree that Vunak does look sharper and faster in his delivery, and maybe the focus on "self perfection" may have something to do with that. I'm only commenting on the clip above, and clips of Vunak I have seen. So I'm certainly not trying to judge either man's ability in any sort of wider context.

On the other hand, I would also say that Demi is the only person I have seen from the JKD camp who addresses how violent situations tend to go down. I'm referring (again) to his training to strike cold and from an unready position. I haven't seen any other JKD or JKD influenced individual teach along those lines.

I think a lot of JKD training is very tecnique heavy without addressing the context of the fight. Dialogue training is usually conspicuously absent. Fakes, set-ups, ect are usually missing as well. Simply put, most situations aren't match fights.

Demi, may I ask why you say that "self prefectio" isn't real?

"""Demi, may I ask why you say that "self prefectio" isn't real?"""

It isn't real to me, in the martial arts sense, because I would never anticipate myself becoming perfect in any endeavor.

In other words, to spend so much time trying to perfect something BY DOING SOMETHING ELSE - Example: trapping to be a better fighter (trapping not being fighting in my opinion) makes no sense to begin with.

BUT, even if I became BETTER at my trapping I have come to see that it doesn't make my ability to deal with a stronger and goal oriented opponent better.

Just as catching a fly with chopsticks doesn't help me fight better.

Walking across hot coals doesn't help me with my taxes sitting under a waterfall and meditating will not make me a better boxer...

These are my opinions. I came to these opinions after studying the martial arts for 20 years and training with various persons. Some well known fighters and others "students" of the most well known martial artist of all time. Others were just guys trying to find out the truth and some were just wrestlers, boxers or firearms guys.

What I have come to understand most is I AM NOT THE KNOWER OF THE THINGS. More is revealed all the time to those who care to look for it or are at least open to it...