Straight from the Iranian people “they love Trump”

It’s true most of the people actually want to Trump to fix the shit hole Iran has become. My moms cousin who was an Armenian born and raised in Iran during the golden ages to the medieval mullah ages spent 2 months there.

He was a huge Trump supporter and so was everyone he met over there. The hardliners are what make the Iranian people look bad and it’s sad. The Iranian people want trump to get rid of the mullahs and get them out of the shit storm the Iranian revolution caused.

PS my parents and almost everyone that’s a relative was born there as Christian Armenians but either moved to Armenia then America or stayed in Iran then moved to America. Go to Trunps IG page you’ll see a lot of support from the Iranian people 

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Always crazy to see the pics from Iran in the 60’s or whatever. Totally opposite.

He was so anti trump before going. This is a guy who served in there military and grew up there even after the revolution. Lost a thumb to a grenade (don’t know how exactly) 

But there is a reason why a lot of Iranian people come to America and become successful because they love it. They don’t have Americans except for the hardliners and the poor soldiers who do as they’re told but according to Q there might be an overthrowing of the mullahs 

Yeah U like that U Fkin Idiot -



Always crazy to see the pics from Iran in the 60’s or whatever. Totally opposite.

Yea my parents loved it. It was up to date with America pretty much. People loved life and lived in color not some Islamic shit turd dust hole.


one thing about Iran though I do give props is that they allow you to practice whatever religion you want. The Jews of Iran are happy and there are many Christians there.