"Straight Outta Compton" Movie

Was well produced. Story was good. I grew up on their Music, anyone else watch this? Phone Post 3.0

Hahahahahaah I am actually leaving to see it in about 30 mins. Heard it was amazing.

KJ! -

Lol, Figures. My App doesn't have a Search. When I use the app I usually know I'm taking a chance Phone Post 3.0

I'm in the theater right now Phone Post 3.0

the plot doesnt exactly seem to be 100% accurate

The lack of disses was a little disappointing Phone Post 3.0

sreiter - the plot doesnt exactly seem to be 100% accurate
Still entertaining Phone Post 3.0

8.4 IMDb is fucking legit

Great Movie

The thing about stories like this is perspective. Imo this as close as we get to the truth. Phone Post 3.0

I just read Daz Dillinger plans a Straight Outta Compton sequel all about Snoop Dogg Death Row Records and 2pac Phone Post 3.0

Not enough coverage of Dre beating women. Phone Post 3.0

I've already got it illegally downloaded on my phone so I can watch it safely without being surrounded by criminals... Phone Post 3.0

loved it.

I thought it was kinda corny Phone Post 3.0