Straight people who look gay

Mentioned this years ago but I was shocked when I found out the singer for Fitz and the Tantrums was straight.  They played in town a few nights ago and I had a few friends that went and they had no clue.  Just assumed he was on the lighter side of the loafer. Nope, straight with a nice looking wife and kids....

He may have a wife, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that mouth has had at least 2 cocks in it. 

I didn't know the singer from shudder to think(Craig werden) was straight until a couple years ago.  For 20 years I thought he was fruit loops.  STT was fucking awesome.  He's actually written for a lot of big things since .  Still sounded like a drag queen

Dave Navarro

Richard Simmons


Todd Chrisley

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Todd Chrisley

Jesus Christ how did I not post chrisley?

now that dude is 100% 50% gay

Pat Smear

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Pat Smear

Good call

not op

They are called soy boys 

Carrot Top gay tho

Pat Smear isn't gay?

Tom Brady

scourge -

Tom Brady

Gay in my dreams 

Robert Plant.

Dennis Rodman!!!!