Straight right to liver punch

I've been practicing my straight right to set up a liver punch (trademark Bas Rutten). Yet my left is SO slow and generates little power. It's accurate but I can't seem to put any effectiveness behind it. Any tips on how to make this more effective?

try switching to southpaw to make it your power hand

There's an archived thread about the Fitsimmon's Shift, but since its simple, I'll post it here:

You throw a jab with your left from a conventional stance, then step with your right while throwing a straight right (called a lunge punch in karate), at this point you should be in a southpaw stance, and you finish the combo with a left hook to the liver.

It used to be famous, but most people have forgotten it by now, I guess

The left hook to the liver is absolutely devastating. It's easier to throw it as a counter shot. Either slipping to the outside of a right hand, or to the inside. Outside is usually the preferred and safer method. My last trainer's father knocked down HOFer Lew Jenkins 11 times in one of their bouts, with a left hook to the liver. He'd slip Jenkins big right hand to the inside, keeping his own right hand up in case Jenkins followed with a hook, and throw a really short, half jab/half hook to the liver.

Micky Ward habitually switched to southpaw when he went inside, and he threw the left hook better than anyone else I have ever seen. I have about 30 or so of his fights, and in some of the older ones especially, he switches right before he throws the hook