Straightblastgym in Sweden?

I heard that here is going to open up a straightblastgym in Stockholm, Sweden next year, is it true? If it is true, where can I find more information?

hmmmm swedish girls....hey matt if you're stuck for someone to run a gym there i volunteer my help :)

You never know, when we get specifics I will update everyone.

John, it's a tough job. . .but I think I will handle Sweden. Appreciate the kind offer though.

Matt is coming to check out Estonia first:D
After that... no need for Sweden:P

Estonia has the rep. That's a lot to live up to!

Thank you Matt for taking time and answering my question. But, can´t you give me a hint? Will it be in Stockholm or somewhere else in Sweden?

Anyway, you can´t go wrong with either Estonia or Sweden when it comes to girls

Hello ams. Just got back from Matts Denmark seminar, really awsome. I live in Västerås right now. Might be moving to Uppsala after the new year. I´ve been thinking about maybe starting an ATG but I´m not sure. Right now I´m just training at a BJJ school here in Västerås. The future will tell. But if you ever go to Västerås (or maybe Uppsala) just shoot me an e-mail or call me and we can do some training together.

Victor Wall
Tel: +46704051517

I just rolled with Vic last night, and I would highly suggest looking him up for some training. He has an excellent game.

Hey Vic when are you gonna visit us :)


I´d love to do that Indrek. I´ll check how much the boat is and stuff.


Thanks for the invitation Victor!

If I am in the area I will contact you for sure!

Take care