Strange Bets?

What are some of the strangest bets you have made? I guess mine would be the bet I made with Ferox about him not drinking for a VHS tape of a movie I can't watch. I also bet my roomate that I could get 6 stars and drive around the entire map of Vice City without getting arrested or killed for half of a sandwitch.

Did you win the sandwich!?!?

Yes I did.

I once bet that I could take a negro off the street and make him an honest man for a dollar, while simultaneously ruining the life of an executive, thus making him find lodging from a prostitute that has both a hoo hah and a ding dong.

LOL JM greatest movie eva i never finished it though, was she really a hermaphrodite?

What kind of sandwhich was it?

she was born with turner's syndrome and is genetically

I bet someone that the wouldn't be able to keep his vow to never gamble again.

Still cant decide whether the bet voids itself.

LOL @ JM and crunion

my brother and I play heads-up NL matches for all sorts of stupid things if either of us have no money handy to play for.

I played him on the weekend to wash the dishes, put the rubbish out and make lunch.

stupid, but makes playing for fun even more fun.

I bet there was more people in Greenland than there was at my college for a whole year of washing dishes