Strange Network Problems... Help!

I was using a D-Link Faster Ethernet switch just fine. Today I tried to upgrade to wireless, and it's giving me trouble. I'll describe everything in as much detail as possible. Let me know if I'm leaving out anything that will help you troubleshoot.I have 3 computers: Yellow, Blue and Laptop. All are Win2000 machines. No server, it's basically just a peer-to-peer network. To set them up with the D-Link, I basically just plugged them all in and they all worked.New equipment:

  • Wireless-G Broadband Router (software installed on Yellow)

  • Wireless A+G Notebook Adapter (installed on Laptop)

The DSL connection is also installed on Yellow. Internet Connection Sharing is enabled on the DSL connection on Yellow.File and Printer Sharing is enabled on all 3 computers.The ProblemBasically, Yellow is able to access Blue and Laptop. Blue and Laptop are able to access each other just fine, but Blue and Laptop can not access shared directories (or the DSL connection) on Yellow, but Blue and Laptop can access the printer installed on Yellow.At first, I thought I might have accidentially changed the name of my SSID. But, if that was the case, Yellow wouldn't be able to access the other two, right? I do I find the SSID name that Blue and Laptop are connecting to?Any idea WTF else might be going wrong?

Well, the first question is, why do you have the DSL connection terminating into the computer when you BOUGHT a router? That's what the router is FOR.

I don't check this forum often so you might have to attention me in the OG.

Okay, the problem has changed after rebooting. Now Blue and Laptop can access each other, but Yellow can't access Blue/Laptop and vice versa."What protocals are the laptop using"No idea."Other then that maybe signal strength."I don't think that's the case. The laptop says it's connected to the access point, but the Internet can't be found. I'm more concerned about getting the two wired machines (Blue and Yellow) communicating first."Well, the first question is, why do you have the DSL connection terminating into the computer when you BOUGHT a router? That's what the router is FOR."No good reason, really. The network has always worked this way, so I figured why fuck with it? Unless it won't run this way with the router, I don't feel compelled to change it. Right now I'm more concerned about getting the computers accessing each other's shared folders than I am Internet access on them.I'm really starting to think yellow is on a different SSID than the other two. How do I find the SSID on Windows 2000?

Erase the software you installed for the dsl, you dont need it. It's for newbies who dont know jack about dsl installation. make sure you have the ssid correctly. Try renaming your workgroup, sometimes that does the trick. Third put the dsl connection into the router, you dont need it going to a computer, you do have a router.

DSL Line.....ROUTER.....ethernet cable to SWITCH (if you don't have switch ports in the router).

Change each machine to DHCP. The rest follow the above instructions.

Okay, I changed some things up a bit. We're getting much closer. Almost all folder sharing works, with one exception:

Blue sees shared folders on Yellow, but gives me an "Access Denied" message when I try to view it. I have permissions set to "Everyone". Laptop can access shared on Yellow, but Blue can not.

Neither of the remote computers can access the Internet.

Okay, stupid question about the above recommendations...

How do I plug my DSL modem into the Router? The DSL modem is an (external) Intel Pro/DSL 3200. It has a jack for the USB cable, and a jack to plug it into the phone line. Nothing for a network cable.

The router has an "Internet" jack for a network cable, but nothing for a phone cable.

I don't have a switch. The Linksys Wireless-G is supposed to be a 4-port switch, Internet sharing router, and Wireless-G access point, all-in-one.

Yuck. Your ISP provided you with a modem that doesn't have an Ethernet connection because they want people to believe you can't share your connection without help from them.

Technically that means you have to go to a USB device before you go anywhere else. That defeats the whole purpose of having a router and makes you have to jump through hoops to get this to work.

You have a choice...

...or I can tell you how to jiffy-rig this setup with what you've got.

This is probably a really dumb question, but why can't I just share the connection like I did with my switch? I was perfectly happy with that solution before. Does adding the router someone eliminate my ability to do this?

The only reason I bought the router thingy was so I could go wireless with the laptop.

Well, you can but you did a bit of overkill in buying the router. See, the router does Internet connection sharing FOR you, it's not just to provide wireless connectivity. You could've just gotten a wireless access point.

Ahhhhh... I see. Oh well. Company money. No biggie.

So how do I go about troubleshooting the shared Internet access that isn't working?

I'm going to post some screencaps that might help. Please hold...

Here are some of the properties for my Internet Connection settings:See anything there that might be a problem?

Or, could it have something to do with this?Are there any other screen caps I could post that might help?

I don't really need the caps, I do this in my sleep.

Honestly Scott, the preferred way of doing this is by going through your router, though I'm sure you got that by now. If you're definently going to keep that router then you're going to have to go back to terminating back into your computer.

Are you sure that you don't have the option of returning that router in favor of a device you can put your DSL into?

If not then do you have 2 nic cards on the box you're putting the DSL into?

I do have two nic cards on the computer the DSL is going into. Well, kinda. One's a card, and one's on-board.

I'll go buy that Belkin thingy tomorrow. That sounds like a better option. Let me know if I'm wrong.

In the meantime, any idea why Blue can't access shared folders on Yellow? It recognizes them. If I set up a new shared folder on Yellow, blue sees it. It just gives me "Access Denied" if I try to open it. The laptop can access them just fine though.

This could be a clue (or maybe not):

Yellow and Laptop share the same username/password. Blue uses a different username/password.

I did it! I did it! I did it!I added the Blue username as an administrator on the Yellow machine.I'll touch base again after I buy that Belkin thingy.Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the router control software on my machine?

The Belkin deal is pretty cool, I'd get it.

You got it before I told you it was a permissions issue. Congratulations.

You can leave the software alone.

So when I get the Belkin thingy, I just shut down, turn on and everything should work? I'm nervous, because I won't be able to come back here to read anything if it doesn't work.