Strange Touring Combo

I'm thrilled that ZZ Top is coming to the Toronto Ampitheatre, but am curious about pairing them with Brooks and Dunn. I'm not familiar with their music, but presumably this pairing will attract two very different fan bases.

Who cares. $25 to see ZZ Top is a steal.

 I agree, weird pairing,but it'll be a kick ass show. I don't like country music much, but there are some amazing guitar players in the genre.

Brooks and Dunn? Thats some lame ass new country right there, smokin guitars aside.

 Yes Beav, but if ZZ opens he can bail before the rush to the parking lot, and if B&D open he can go wait in line for beer.


It's a win win! ;)

goddamn racer..always thinkin!!!

Good call Racer X.

For $25 I am not going to miss ZZ Top, regardless of who they are touring with.

Also got Black Crowes tickets at Massey Hall since Luther Dickinson is playing guitar for them.

what Racer said- not that big a fan of country but those groups usually get monster players to back them up-

the pedal steel player for B & D is a monster - saw him @ namm

best slide tone i ever heard -

"best slide tone i ever heard"

That's a huge statement. Interesting.

i've been playing slide a long time - and listening to players even longer -

let me put it thins way -

after seeing him, i immediately went to the gold tone booth and bought the same guitar -

i later contacted him and asked what pedals, amp mod's speakers, etc, he used -

it was THE tone i was searching for

I think someone called them "new country", which is not the same as new. "New country" got real old, real fast, actually, and is distinguished from classic country (among other things). I think it's basically pop music with some country flavorings. I also think it's what John Hiatt was talking about in 'Memphis in the Meantime" when he sang, "one more heartfelt steel guitar chord - girl it's gonna do me in!"

Sorry, Newish Country Rock.

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