"Stranger than Fiction" Chuck P

Finished this the other day. Not worth the read, IMO. Its a compilation of a bunch of true stories. A few were interesting, but most were pretty crappy.

I haven't read any of Chuck's fiction (Choke, Fight Club, etc) but its gotta be better than this book. Pretty crappy.

Anyone else read this? What did you think?

i remember the story about guys building castles...i thought that was kind of interesting...

I thought it was great! I loved the iowa wrestlers story.

The wrestling story was alright, but I didn't enjoy his writing style too much. That was one of the only stories that caught my attention, though.

The castle building story was cool.

Fight Club was decent,but I wouldn't recommend Palahniuk in bulk.His style is very tiresome and monotonous.

You'll only enjoy Haunted if you're a sick bastard,IMO.

The only ones I've read are Choke and Fight Club (surprise). He's not my favorite author, but I think he's still pretty good. Once I get through some of the other books I'm reading, I may pick up one or two other things by him. After reading his stuff, it's really hard to believe he's gay.

He's my favorite author, but I didn't enjoy this either. IIRC, I enjoyed the submarine and wrestling stories the best.

"Haunted" was awsome I read it about 10 times in Iraq, maybe I just liked it because during my down time there wasn't much to do besides exercise.

I like Palahniuk I have read everything he put out. I like the more recent releases the best. Rant is my favorite book all around and snuff,haunted, and pygmy are hilarious if not a little disturbing but that's my sense of humor I guess. I agree that stranger than fiction was dry to say the least.

i just started Palahniuk during my surgery two months ago

since then I have read Lullaby(amazing)


rant(really good but I needed to go on the net to answer my questions about the book later)

diary(was genius)

and now I'm on Invisible Monsters which is great

I started Pygmy but didn't want to read the broken english

read his fiction...This is the first time I've been this excited to continue a book when i get home