Stranger Things- great or overrated?

Do you like this series? Does it deserve a 8.7 rating overall? Is it overrated? Would it be nearly as popular if it were set modern day and thus not reliant on nostalgia ?

It’s great. Can’t wait for the series finale

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Part of the reason it’s great is because of the nostalgia. So no, it wouldn’t be as good if it were set in current times.


I bailed before season 1 ended. Splendidly shot and directed, but too hokey for ole dad here. Not for my advanced age group.


season 1 and season 4 are amazing imo. 2nd was alright and I didn’t like the 3rd as much.

spjackson77 killed Eddie


def overrated…barely made it through S1.

kiddie bs


I like it. Idk if I’d call it great. But very watchable and fun. Season 4 was best one yet in my opinion.

wouldnt be popular if it was set in 2022
still fun show


I only made it three or four episodes into it. Is it worth starting again? How does season one end?Can I watch it and be done, or do I have watch them all

Didn’t finish the latest season but it was a fun show to watch with my son. There was enough nostalgia to keep me interested.

Lost me after season 1.

The bald girl’s face pisses me off.


Made it halfway through episode 1 and quit. Dont think im goijg to go back to it. I was bored stiff.

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It’s good, the mystery pulled me through the first season, and it gets much better in the later seasons. Better writing, kinda finds its footing.

i think it’s overrated. but I just can’t get into all of this upside down demogorg0n etc. bullshit. way too much of that in the last season.

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It’d probably cut into your sombrero wearing time anyhow.


Lmao! Great post. @Low_Inspector_415


If it was set in modern day I don’t think I’d have even finished season 1. The story just isn’t that interesting

Same here. The upside down world and creatures within just do not interest me at all. My mind goes to sleep when I see cgi monsters of creatures on screen nowadays

I quit at some point in season 2. It was terrible and it is for teenagers.

Season 1 was decent

Season 2 was absolute dogshit

Season 3 I really enjoyed. It went with unabashed 80’s cheese for the villains (don’t want to spoil it) and I loved it (but this turned some people off it)

Season 4 was real good, took out the campiness but it worked, and was far superior to seasons 1 and 2.

If you quit on season 2, I’d say to gut it out (or skip it and watch a recap video) and give season 3 a chance.