Stranger Things- great or overrated?

My dad who is coincidentally an italian guy from queens calls her fartface lol.juvenile humor like that is not really his thing so ole 11 must really chap his ass


It was kinda fun but yeah overrated.
I think I bailed after the first episode of season 4, as I’m not sure if I will go back to watch it…

It’s awesome and gives me 50 big black boners when I watch.

I think it was fucking awesome.

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The bar to what people consider “great” is set very low these days.

Lol i mean Sombrero over everything.

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It really was lol


Watched season 1 but even sober I don’t remember any of it, will have to give a re-do…

Season 1 Great
Season 2 Ok
Season 3 Garbage
Season 4 Fucking Amazing

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Might have to give it the ol college try based off of this.

Overrated for sure. I did started watching all seasons for the first time when season 4 was streaming though, can’t blame people’s opinion who watched the first season and had to wait a year for the next.

Definitely overrated, but still decent enough.

Half the people that watch say season 2 was garbage while the other half say season 3 was garbage, but the people that liked season 2 are retarded.

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I liked the 1st season. Got a little too teen soap opera for me to recommend after that, but I’ll still watch it myself (Same as Cobra Kai.)

It’s essentially E.T. if Carpenter had done it instead of Spielberg.

Nothing about it makes any sense in a world with smart phones. It has to be a period piece to work at all, without regard to nostalgia.

Yeah, OK, but compared to what? NBC’s '80s & '90s Thursday nights? Almost none of that holds up. It’s by definition a disposable artform.

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