STRANGEST hand ever....

I have never seen thiis in 14 years.

Flop   Q 3 4

turn   3

river 4

Three players in  hand  first player QQQ next 3333 last 4444

WOW this was 1-2 hiloplo pot was 300$.. I have only seen 3 sets a few times less than 10 im guessing,

I hit quads before on a 3 set board before - never for get that.

But wow 3 sets quad quad,  1st time seen this.

Play long enough u see everything , or this shit is rigged??!!

 Well considering the Bad Beat jackpots on AP are won every couple of days and you need to lose with 8888 or better using both your pocket cards, I guess every month or so you could add in somebody getting pulled into those hands with another set, lol.

thats pretty sick indeed..

one time i got it all in pre with JJ, got called by 99, 1010, and QQ!!!! flop comes 8,9,10... Q-ball on river

i have a screen shot somewhere, was pretty crazy

set < set < set < straight


P.S this is my moms account that me her and my bro play on... lol please dont OPR me!