Strat for fighing a superior opp?

When fighting or sparring with a superior opponent, someone that is better than u standing AND on the ground, what is better to do?

Keep it standing and hope for the lucky punch/kick or try to take it to the ground and get a fluke sub?

Whats your opinion?

Your sparring, you should be trying to learn not beat the guy. You should start by changing your mental approach to a sparring situation. It will be a lot healthier in the long run. Especially if this guy proceeds to kick your ass for a long time to come.

Go completely wild on him and hope you put on a good show before you're KO'd

whoops my bad i missed the 'fighting or sparring' part.

Play to your strength. If you are better standing try to keep it standing, you'lll have a better chance at getting lucky. Have waay better cardio than him. Be busier. Hold on for dear life on the bottom to get the stand up. Do not talk trash before the fight lol.

Practice breaking your fall.

Just came back from training, tried DROCs approach. It did not go down so well...

I agree with AndreiKali9. There are far too many ranges and positons in this game for there not to be one where you are strong and he is weak. Suggestions: Leglocks from the bottom, Always keep him on defense, learn his "A-game" and don't let him play it.