Strat modification question

What is the process of putting a left handed tremelo on a regular right handed strat? I want the Jimi, SRV vibe but am unsure of how much work is involved. Thanks

It's quite a bit of work. To do it right reqiures modification of the spring cavity for the off set of the trem arm portion of the bridge. It will also leave a fingertip sized hole where the trem armsocket used to be.

I have built an SRV style guitar for a customer with the reverse bridge. For me, the arm location was a major pain in the ass to play. Forced my hand out of the proper mute position on the bridge.

If you really want the Jimi vibe, get a reverse headstock neck and reverse staggered polepiece pickups.
This will give you the proper string tension and string volume relationship to sound (and feel) more like a lefty playing right. The other good news is these changes are 100% reversible.

thanks again for the advise Racer!!