Strategy To Beat Tyson In MMA

There has been a lot of speculation on how Mike Tyson would do against top MMA fighters. Some UG members think with 6 months of ground training Tyson would wipe out anyone on the planet. Another opinion is, any 135 pound guy with at least a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu would beat Tyson easily, due to his lack of ground skills and tendency to clinch. Please give your best strategy to beat Iron Mike Tyson in a Mixed Martial Art Fight. You don't necessarily have to possess the skills to carry out your plan, but explain what weapons you would need to have in your arsenal. How would you hope to end the fight and how would you set it up?

I'm pretty sure Tyson's game plan would be to try to take your head off with punches. I would think your plan would also include how to keep him out of his game.

I personally don't think Tyson would do well against the top MMA Fighters, especially the big guys, but of course this is just speculation.

Gary Hughes

Glock 9 should do the trick.

"I'm pretty sure Tyson's game plan would be to try to take your head off with punches"

Tyson is also a superb body puncher

I would gladly fight Iron Mike in the cage, because then I would be rich AND be able to spar with Sam Pai after I got out of the hospital and put an end to the whole "Who Punches Harder" debate.

[edited to add my fight strategy - I would dive at Tyson's legs from about 12 feet away and hope Kid Dynamite tripped over me, then go for the ankle lock.]

The top 150 MMA fighters can take tyson as he is right now. but when he starts biting, i dunno...

I would use my height advantage and just stick to the jab. When he get's inside-clinch! It's easy to outbox and frustrate Tyson. Overated Holyfield and Glass-jaw Leniox both did!

shoot shoot shoot left hook

Hollywood Blonde...Trading punches with Tyson wouldn't be a very good strategy for anyone, unless that's all you had, or you are a much better boxer. I would personally use a lot of kicks (more reach & power) to keep him at a distance and stop him from unloading his bombs. Knees and elbows would also be hard for Mike to Box against, IMO.

jasonhornbuckle is correct, Tyson could end a fight with a body punch also.

Gary Hughes

LOL @ toddseney.

Gary Hughes

Depends on what kind of abilities his opponent has. IF you mean *ms* fighting him - I'd butt scoot and hope to trip him up at some point.

Someone like Cro Cop would likely stand with him, whereas someone like Coleman would "shoot dubs."

I think the tools you'd need to beat Tyson and not be running the risk of getting annihilated half the time would be:

1. Work with boxers who like to throw hard hooks and torque punches for at least 6 months. While not THAT long, it's enough time to at least recognize the type of shots he's likely to use.

2. Be effective at both clinch and leg takedowns. I don't think you'd need to be a master, but drilling with at least college-level wrestlers and doing lots of drills would be a must. IMO, this would be possibly the most important skill needed. I'd put in a LEAST a year of FULL time training on this aspect alone.

3. Size. I'd want to be AT LEAST 185 lbs. before this would be a consideration. I'm not saying a smaller guy can't hang, but I think he could be in for a world of hurt if he messes anything up. IMO 220 would be ideal...someone the size of Jackson or Ortiz.

4. Blue belt submission and positioning knowledge. I'm not kidding. He hasn't done it before. If you can get him there and are on top (guard or not) - I don't think it would take more than a blue belt to tap him with a shoulderlock, armbar, or (what I'd personally go for) an arm triangle.

5. Luck. I don't think Mirko did anything wrong against Kevin. He just fell victim to perfect timing and having the threat of a takedown forcing him to be ready with his hands. If Tyson (or any striker) timed everything just right, you can knock someone out before they can clinch you. It might take timing that is borderline superhuman, but it's POSSIBLE.

I think working with Muay Thai trainers might be nice, but the last think I'd want to do is kick at Tyson. The more I'm on my feet, the more chances of getting KO'd I have.

Domingo...good response.

Gary Hughes

testing 1,2, 3.

No longer pertinent, Thanks Kirik.

Don't call it a comeback, it's been here for years :-)

I think the mod was just trying to clear out all the negetive posts, and this was just trying to clear out a lot of negative posts.

Fro the record, I think you would have to have near Couture level skills at upper body tie ups to not go in there without a great deal of fear. Tyson power with a taped fist, six months practice in sprawling, and three ounce MMA gloves is something to be truly feared,

Thanks Kirik, I have been guilty of some negative posts lately and I apologize for that. I don't see anything negative about this thread though and I'll try to keep it that way!

I wouldn't want to tie up with Tyson, I think once he got close enough you could pick him off with knees and elbows, if you have the power and speed and keep the combinations coming. Randy Couture IS the master of the clinch. I think a little fear is good (or a Gift), as long as you don't get intimidated.

Gary Hughes

good thread sam really.ive heard tyson has trained m.m.a and is a big fan,ive seen him in titos enterage before a fight.if tyson fought m.m.a,hed train specifically for m.m.a he never will fight m.m.a because hel still be able to get alot of money boxing even in ten years if hes not dead,or has self destructed,but any 1 with excellent timing,such as randy would do a job on tyson,i think theyd have to have superb timing though coz those shots will break ribs or decapitate some1.its not good also to assume anything in a fight,he shot a crazy double on lewis in the press conference.tyson was a street fighter before he boxed.hes also scary the off season when hes not boxing he ballons up to 280 pounds.i dont think any strikers would hang with him but a good take down specialist,with good gnp or subs would do a number on him.

If I had to fight Tyson for some reason...

1. I'd do anything possible to stay out of "punching range"... Maybe throw some leg kicks, if he came forward aggressively, I'd shoot in for a takedown attempt (probably a single leg)...

2. If he managed to land even a couple of punches, and didn't knock me TFO, I'd just cover up and try like mad to get into a clinch... after which I'd try to get a body lock and throw him in some fashion.

3. If it went to the ground, I'd feel a little bit more comfortable, unless it turns out that Mike has some BJJ or wrestling in his background. Once thing I wouldn't do is try to play the guard a lot... My legs are short and I suck at triangle chokes, and Tyson could still throw punches if he was in my guard... I'd try to work to a superior position, preferably taking his back.

4. IF I could take his back, I'd go for the good ole Rear Naked Choke...

5. Otherwise, I'd try whatever kind of submission I might be able to get. If I couldn't get any kind of submission, I might try working some knees and elbows. I wouldn't bother punching at all, since I for one know damn well I don't hit hard enough to hurt Tyson.

6. IF Tyson got superior position on me while on the ground, and demonstrated any grappling ability or skill at all, I'd tap immediately and scream for my mommy, dad, God, Satan, Allah, The U.S. Marines, Oliver North, my 2nd grade science teacher, Jackie Chan, the guy standing at the corner of 3rd and Main, or anybody else who might be able to help pull Tyson off of me.


Go for a double leg take down and throw elbows and punches. Try to control Tyson on the ground would be the biggest problem. There are a lot of great wrestlers and bjj fighters that would beat Tyson.

sprhodes...LOL @ #6 on your list. Luckily, I don't think he has any ground skills.

Lots of pretty good strategy so far, keep them coming.

Gary Hughes