Stray / DaGrinder - Shirtless Selfie Posedown 2022

Haha, not bad mate. I can see a bit of Phil Baroni there


Genetics are the main reason for vascularity. Being lean brings them out even more. A lean 6 ft 2” sub 200 pounds is attainable with good nutrition and training is absolutely attainable. My gym is full of dudes with impressive natural physiques.

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I’m an ectomorph. A hard gainer and have always been lean. I trained heavy for years but have moved away from that style of training to avoid injury and to work around osteoarthritis.

Your a cross between an endo and meso. The reason for our different physique is more body types than training. I was never a big guy and reached my genetic ceiling about 15 years ago. My goal is to maintain muscle and strength these days.

My favourite lift was always deads. My buddy and I called it the forbidden lift because everyone shied away from them 25 years ago.

As for being lean - it’s something I can control and enjoy the process. When I was 24 I realized I was never going to be super big and gear wasn’t an option. That’s when I focused on my nutrition. It’s a compliment when guys accuse me of doing drugs. My life is busy with kids, work, coaching ect and I’m lucky to be able to go to the gym at work.


Cheers man. Yes im actually an ecto/meso i reckon, u can tell by my small wrists, slender face. And im quite a lot slimmer/smaller than im been in the past as i agree, when u get older eits better to be leaner and lighter.

LOL at cheddar nonchalantly trying to find out if grinder is a catcher or a pitcher

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Pictures aside, you don’t think a guy with dedicated training and diet can be 6 ft 2” and 198 lbs lean? Serious question.

dang , this really gonna drive cheddar wild .


Told ya im handsome.

Thanks for deleting the pic again.

You will be rewarded in your next life.

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You’re 220?

Quite a bit more handsome in the 190s if i may say so myself. When I get up to like 210s 220s my face looks too puffy and u cant see my striking features.


Found the guy who attacked me from behind 10 years ago

Jay this is the original thread I believe that grinder posted his first shirtless picture. That thread has it all. Our HERO chronicling the events leading up to fighting an entire gang possibly two gangs. Training getting ready to go to Thailand to fight MMA and kickboxing. While trying to protect his family.

Stray just trying to steal some of his Thunder IMO :smile:


Haha cheers m8. Im trying not to think about that anymore for now as it was making me nutty. Off FB so I dont know if anybody responded to me. Just focusing on enjoying my last days with my family and getting ready for the adventure and ill worry about that POS when im back I suppose.

How could this specimen have any women troubles ?!

The only advice I could give you is try to increase your deadlift by 15%. That should fix everything. :wink:

Safe travels , boy

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200 in the pics. The last pic was 198 lbs.

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Thank you, sir.

You guys both have good physiques, I haven’t heard any mention of strays shoulders, they are very impressive.


Ya strays a good guy too. I like him now. Didnt at first.

bows and blows kisses


Are you on the T?