Strebendt losses in England

Gerald Strebendt lost just minutes ago to Jean Silva over in England. Silva caught him in a triangle Choke in round 2. That puts the series between these two guys at 1 win a piece. a rubber match on the horizon perhaps?

complete results from Cage Rage 6 are already in sherdog fightfinder.

Gutted for Gerald he looked good on Cagewarriors 3 weeks ago winning with a twister.

Silva is a BJJ BB and no joke. Time for the third match!



Was this nhb or grappling?


Congratulations to Jean Silva.


Jean Silva v Gerald Strebandt

Round 1

the fight starts off very high tempo and gerald gets the takedown, and imediately goes for the armbar. silva gets out but gerald attacks the leg. gerald has it VERY VERY tight but jean did not tap, everyone was quite amazed lol. they stand up and gerald takes down silva by cage and is in silva's guard. silva goes for an armbar but gerald gets out. gerald lands strikes with jean against the cage and then silva tries an armbar but is in a bad position. gerald muscles out of it. jean sweeps gerald; and the round ends with silva on mount.

Round 2

gerald gets takedown and again silva is against the cage. geralds working position and silva is blocking gerald getting side mount. they get up but it goes straight back to ground and AGAIN silva is against the cage. gerald is very active, but goes in too deep leaves arm exposed. silva throws a few strikes from guard, tries the kimura but its not going. gerald pushes out of it , silva tries to get closed guard and when gerald pushes forward he goes too deep, and suddenly silva gets his leg up and starts working for the triangle. silva gets it on eventually, gerald stuggles but taps.

Jean Silva, via submission (triangle), round 2

silva "fight hard" very respectful

Damn sounds like an incredible fight... how can i see video?!

Cage Rage will have dvd's and vids available, not sure if you can get them on the net though:)

the rubber match should be in the ufc!

Charles is correct.

Sounds like an exciting fight.

Hi i just got back from Cage Rage

and the main event was cool

Very exciting ground war. I can't beileve Jean Silva didnt tap when Gerald had the kneebar on. Gerald kept pushing silva against the cage looking for the attack, this gave silva chances to counter.

He sunk in the triangle, to his credit gerald kept going for as long as he could.

He's due back at the next cage rage against sammy schivo (france)

I can't wait

TTT for both guys and all concerned

Jean is no joke, and was probably suprised by Gerald's prowess with subs in the first fight, and came better prepared for the second go 'round.

gerald will be back.

I thought Geralds comment about Jean training with his friends and
Gerald training with the best in the world was a little off.

Gerald will be back stronger than ever.

Congrats to Jean Silva, your guard must be very good to have caught Gerald. I'm looking forward to reviewing the fight and possibly stealing some of your guard techniques :)

TTT for the rubber match in the UFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

caseyd, I told the crowd I was proud of Jean for all of the obstacles he had to overcome for this victory. I said he trained with a good group of his brazilian friends and they pulled off a great victory. I mentioned that he had to overcome my weight because I cut a lot of weight and put it back on before the fights and I mentioned that I have the luxury of training all day with out any responsibilites. I have access the the best trainers and the best nutrition and a perfect environement for training and the fact that Jean beat me while fighting against all this is a testament to him and his brazilian friends. I would in no way try to take away from Jeans win. He did a good job and I hope he moves on the big money and the big show! I am sorry if you interpreted it anyother way but to clear it up (good job Jean, you fought a great fight and you deserved the win) Gerald Strebendt