Street Beefs Icy Mike Vs Ninja Ron

I often confuse Don Roley and Ron Collins. It doesn’t matter since both are fake af.

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Has the manlet beaten up any retards lately?

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Yeah, I wonder what Icey Mike has been up to.

He’s busy doing videos rating boxing as a C- for self defense :joy:

i saw him in a karate nerd video. i actually agree with him that a beveled led torch like a surefire is excellent in SD.

i was greatly disappointed that foley didn’t fight ninja collins.

we will always have kimbo though.

Lol, it would be nice to see him fight someone actually trained. But he might have to go to a middle school since no one else is in his weight class.


Who are the other people in the video? There’s the guy acting as a referee, the camera guy (was he actually hired for it?), the woman?

So many questions.

I’m more curious if those people are OG’ers or not.

Weren’t they all just people from that “Street Beefs” website? AKA knuckleheads. I think I remember Mike talking about lining it all up through their youtube channel. Top quality sanctioning. Very professional.

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They may very well have been. I remember the event but I don’t remember what was said about the other people.


those ninjas showed up here first I thought?

then it got to that backyard scene?

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Oh man. I love cheesy martial arts books! Am I going to have to order this crap??


He probably doesn’t even want to hear about it anymore. He’s a bigtime youtube martial arts/self-defense expert now, doesn’t need to get into some weirdo shit he did to gain online notoriety.

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I see what you did there.


This dude really said “knives suck for self defense” .

Then did an Alto promo.

Hopefully the dude that got his jugular chopped out at the transit station in aus the other week, wasnt watching hard2hurt on youtube

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Icy Mike and his youtube channel are like a classic Mr. Show sketch. Bob Odenkirk in a bald wig acting like a badass while just being an incredibly ridiculous person.


Icy Mike got to meet The Iraqi Assassin who was the best Streetbeefs fighter. Iraqi lost his first fight in a close contest then won over 20 in a row.