Street fight in Toronto Canada

I think I saw that here several months ago, but certainly worthy of multiple posts and views!


Hooooooooolly fuck I don't even know what what to think right now Phone Post

I am walking away from this thread.

What is there to say?

(runs from thread)

Well that was unexpected Phone Post 3.0

Dude has never been arm bared. Phone Post 3.0

What in the SAM hell Phone Post 3.0

Saw this posted here last night lol good fight. Phone Post 3.0

She lives on Yonge Street
Lingers long on Yonge Street
She has an ferocious battle midget
I would like to see what happens Phone Post


Tis but a flesh wound Phone Post 3.0

that was spadina.i think south of dundas but definitely chinatown.

Take you hands off him... oh wait.

Just two people fighting in the street. Not much to look at.........Woah, wtf did I just Fucking see? Sweet Fucking asscrackers! Phone Post

In Phone Post

Classic! Phone Post

yusul - that was spadina.i think south of dundas but definitely chinatown.

Yes I think you are right. I have never seen that nubbed guy though. I thought I knew all the downtown weirdos. She need to get him registered as a deadly weapon.

watching that video was a great start to my morning.

Phone Post 3.0