Street Fight: What Takedown works?

assuming you're only fighting one and no one else and you're both wearing jeans and ski jackets,
what would be the best takedown to use?????

Actually, id probably say double-leg. For the most part if you're talking about inexperienced people, they'll think yer just gonna stand and trade, ya know? If they start throwin like mad, couple steps back to avoid the punches and then a shoot, double-leg, and a HARD slam could do the trick. Seems to work for me anyway.

i'd say that or a good old fashioned head and arm throw

in Judo, it would most likely be most similar to Koshi Guruma, depending on how you threw it.

'kay.. my experience, as a doorman in a bar for 3 years, a wrestler, a judoka, a world champ sambist, and a few pro shootfights under my belt..

upper body stuff tends to work better than lower body attacks.. a lot of lower body attacks need an intelligent response to work... underhooks, bodylocks, and duckunders served me rather well.. especially with a guy swinging, I'd like to get under his arm, and past it, so he can't hit me again.

I am a huge fan of a knee pick takedown from an underhook whether it be for the street, the mat or for NHB. It works in all arenas in my opinion.

By "head and arm" do you mean some kind of headlock throw? And if so, what would it be called in judo?

thanks guys,

i also want to know, have you guys been in any fights lately? im just curious if people, the average joe, when fighting, just swing wildly and let their fists fly or are people now more educated and try to kick or attempt to take fights to the ground?

(ive never been in a fight nor seen one on the street)

Let me preface this to say I've never wrestled or had Martial Arts Training, Boxed or any of the like till I started BJJ 2 years ago.

Being a small kid(today I'm still only 5'4") growing up I was picked on alot and was in many fights. This went on from grade school, high school and even thru college.

Even with no training and way before UFC, I somehow instinctively realized the effectiveness and used quite often a very crude double leg takedown to
ground n' pound technique. It seemed to never fail me.

I had a few setups for it depending on the situation.

1) I knew that the probability of me KO'ing someone was 0% since I was small nor had striking ability. An effective distraction technique I used often was .... If face to face with a big guy, I would either use a headbutt or shove to face followed by the takedown to ground n' pound.

2) If in the "meet you after school at the park" kind of deal where there would be an actual "squaring up", I'd often use the running haymaker "fake" or sometimes the fake boxing stance then switch levels and shoot the double followed by ground n' pound.

3) In the few bar fights I was in it was usually the same close quarter headbutt followed by double leg to "abbreviated g n' p" to get the hell outta there.

4) In 1 of the 2 multiple attacker scenarios I was in I used the rapid fire double legs to as many guys I could to clear a path to the "run my ass outta there" technique.

The double leg takedown is not a "fine motor skill" fancy technique. It's easy to learn, relatively easy to get, and if set up correctly, works like a charm.

fake a punch and drop to a every time

if you're in alot of fights, people might catch be careful.


any type of body lock or throw near the hips will work well in my opinion. the reason that i said head and arm is because the average guy will instinctively walk behind you instead of stepping in front, thus adding amplitude and force to an already powerful throw.

to perform it: secure a collar tie with one arm (i almost always use my right), from there club them with that arm a lil bit and when they bring their other arm up secure an underhook with your left arm. then pop their shoulders up and lock your hands around their head and one arm. from here you can either pivot or step in front and hip in thus throwing them across your lower back and hip. they land on the base of their neck and high on their shoulders. its an instant fight ender

Inside trip works well if you can execute it effectively.

you know in Sperry's first Vale Tudo set, he prescribed the "crunch" followed by leg trip,
has anyone tried this??? does it work, or does it depend on your skill level, your opponent, etc..

awesome posts guys, keep them coming

TO answer the original question, if you've ever seen Tito Ortiz/Evan Tanner, that's a GREAT "takedown" to use in a fight. If you haven't seen it, the whole fight is about a 2 minute download on landline. But in my opinion, since I am an ad lib-fighter I suppose, where you simply adapt whatever you can into a technique, I'd say that unless the guy is a decent in-fighter, just get control of his body however you can, sweep his feet, you'll be in control. Also, learn how to do the keylock. Get on that on somebody and he's your bitch until you let it go. If he's tough and fight's, then see how good he can brawl with his hand touching his elbow.

This question is a little hard for me since MMA has ruined me. I don't believe in street fighting...too fucking dangerous. The situation you decided doesn't exist anymore. One on one...HA! There's always going to be somebody behind you waiting to give you the ol' juge spat. The only way I'll fight out side of a ring is if it's self defense. Then I don't give a shit if he lives or not, cause he's apparently endangered me or my finacee in some shape or another and in my opinion, needs to be thinned from the heard. The last barfight I was in, defending my fiancee by the by, I used the classic lead foot to the guys shin, high crotch and charged until he ran into something. Swept his feet, and put my forarm across his windpipe. If a fight in the real world lasts more than 15 seconds, you are putting yourself in serious danger. Someone tole me to look over my shoulder, and when I did, one of his "boys" or whatever the fuck it was hit me with the hardest right hand I've ever taken in my entire life. My best friend, who would rather fight than breathe, ended up visiting the pool tables and introducing that guy and somebody else to some wood. You asked how the fight went, that's how it went. Just get control of the body however you can. If you have real control, you should be able to ground him and beat his ass. Remember, the point of an elbow raining down on the face hurts worse than a punch anyday of the week.


Any move you can use to bring the guy down is good - a punch to the face is just as good as a double if it brings the guy to the ground.

Don't shoot any double like you do on the mat - higher up, head in the gut/chest double are better when cement is underneath.

jp...the mario sperry i think works best for competition...and bjj guys...the problem is once again u better clinch quick! I would follow TZO advice...fake ONE tech. and double leg the fool! Then hold him tight to retain your composure and begin an offense!

My response would be much different if the few street fights I had been in had been against "educated" (i.e. - trained) people.

In two different instances, I had a guy basically just run at me to try to do a "football tackle" on me - basically an untrained double leg. In one instance, all I did was a quick snap down/spin behind to some pounding then up and ran away.

In the other instance (in a bar), the guy did the same thing, but I ended up pushed back against a wall. So I dropped into a front headlock position. It probably would have worked if I had room to move my feet, but I didn't. Basically, we were "stalemated" in that position, with my back against the wall, him bent over underneath me, so I let go and just let fly with hooks (I'm talking boxing now) to his ribs (remember: he was bent over with his arms around my legs, so his ribs were nicely exposed). That worked great, but by then the whole scene had kind of degenerated into an insane melee - everybody was wildly swinging at everybody else.

To be honest, I have no idea how that fight started or why. All hell broke lose, and the next thing I know, some random guy is trying to tackle me. I wasn't even involved in whatever the initial incident was. The funny thing is, once I convinced that guy to go screw with someone else, I just sort of wandered away amid all the chaos without a scratch.

Having said that, I'm right there with tapoutartist. The only way you can get me to fight these days is to actually attack me or a family member. I will gladly swallow my pride and look like a sissy if it gets me out of a fight. A fight I avoid is a fight I win.

You've seen Frank Shamrock double leg Zinoviev, Matt Hughes use doubles efficiently. And of course Tito knocked out Tanner with a body lock slam. Any time you can get someone off the ground and slam them into the cement head first, you should take control of the fight!!!! If not, there is always the fish!!

sperry shows the crunch and it really does work, but you have to really upset your opponents balance

musashi said that the greatest warriors are those that can walk away from combat with honor

If you use a bodylock be careful they don't bite your ear, it's the first thing many streetfighters in the UK go for.

And don't ever use fish hook, these lads used to fish hook everybody then one did it to my friend, so he bit the finger right through the bone, it was hanging on by a thread!